Call For New Members

Join the Addgene Family of Advisers and Supporters

Addgene is a non-profit plasmid repository that archives, stores, and distributes high quality plasmids for researchers around the world.

Addgene is currently growing its Board of Directors and its Advisory Board. Addgene board members have different areas of expertise, but they all share a passion for improving collaboration in the research community and supporting the non-profit plasmid sharing model. Both the Board of Directors and Advisory Board provide a rewarding challenge to participants. Addgene also works hard to accomodate busy schedules.

Addgene is currently seeking board members with expertise in these areas:

  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Repository operations
  • Customer service
  • Scientific collaboration
  • And, of course, plasmid science.

If you are interested in working with Addgene as it continues to grow and thrive, or if you know of others who might be interested please contact:

Joanne Kamens, Executive Director

1 Kendall Square Ste B7102
Cambridge, MA 02139

T: +1-617-225-9000 X112
E: joanne.kamens@addgene.org