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Genome Editing

Includes CRISPRs, TALENs, and zinc fingers for targeted genome editing.

Fluorescent Proteins

Find vectors for fluorescent protein tagging. We make it easy to search by color!

Empty Backbones

Let us help you choose your empty backbone! Choose by species-specific expression, tag, fluorescent marker, and much more.

Synthetic Biology

A variety of plasmid tools, including switches, logic gates, and circuits, for the engineering of biological systems.


Holiday Schedule

Addgene will be closed November 27th & 28th for the Thanksgiving holiday. All order processing and shipping will resume on Monday, December 1st.

CRISPR Community

As the CRISPR craze grows, so does the group of scientists testing and improving the tools and depositing these plasmids with Addgene. Meet our CRISPR depositors!

Become a Depositor!

Become a part of the Addgene community! Learn about the benefits of depositing your plasmids and get started now.

Addgene Blog

Check out the latest hot plasmids, new technology, scientist interviews, and career advice on Addgene's blog.