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COVID-19 and Coronavirus Plasmids & Resources

Please Note: We are automatically prioritizing orders related to ongoing coronavirus and COVID-19 research. Additionally, if you would like to deposit materials related to coronavirus or COVID-19 research, please email us at [email protected].

The global research community is moving quickly to expand the knowledge and understanding of COVID-19 and related coronaviruses. To assist with this effort Addgene will maintain this plasmid collection page, which outlines various plasmids available and those coming soon. Additionally, we have linked to collections of open-access articles, protocols, and other resource collections related to COVID-19 that may be of use to scientists.

Last updated - August 5, 2020


The Coronavirus Disease-2019 (COVID-19) pandemic is caused by a novel virus strain from the Coronaviridae family called SARS-CoV-2. Scientists have been working at lightning speed to elucidate as much as they can about this novel virus. It is now known that SARS-CoV-2 entry, like that of SARS-CoV and MERS CoV, depends on binding of the viral spike (S) protein to cellular receptors. The cellular receptor for SARS-CoV-2 and SARS-CoV is hACE2, an angiotensin receptor. Another key step is the priming of the S protein by host cell proteases. The S protein of SARS-CoV-2 is primed by the serine protease TMPRSS2.

Image credit: Maya Kostman for the Innovative Genomics Institute
Single virion with all parts labeled

Addgene COVID-19 Resources

The following types of resources can be found on this page:

  • SARS-CoV-2 Plasmids: Plasmids that are available or coming soon containing SARS-CoV-2 sequences.
  • SARS-CoV Plasmids: Plasmids that are available containing SARS-CoV (SARS classic) sequences.
  • Human Targets: Plasmids containing human sequences linked to SARS-CoV-2 infection.
  • General Tools: Plasmids expressing Cas12a/Cas13a, Reverse Transcriptases, etc. that may be useful for detection assays and more.
  • Research Articles: A list of free access articles on COVID-19 research.
  • Protocols: Protocols that may be useful for COVID-19 research.


SARS-CoV-2 Plasmids

  • Many plasmids containing SARS-CoV-2 sequences are now available and more are currently undergoing quality control analysis in our lab and will be made available as soon as possible. Some of the recently avaialable plasmids are highlighted in the following list. For a full list of searchable plasmids, see the table below.
  • Ginkgo Bioworks Plasmid Collection - Addgene has partnered with Ginkgo Bioworks to distribute SARS-CoV-2 plasmids. To read more about this partnership and the plasmids that will be available, please see the Ginkgo Bioworks Blog post: Synthesizing DNA to fight coronavirus. The collection contains:
    • Plasmids for E. coli and Yeast expression
    • Spike protein constructs for making VSV pseudo virus
    • Mammalian constructs
    • Due to the size and complexity of the collection, all available Ginkgo SARS-CoV-2 plasmids are curated on a separate Ginkgo Bioworks Plasmid Collection page.

  • Help us increase the value of this collection by contributing your results. If you describe the use of a COVID-19 related plasmid in an article, please fill out this Google Form and we will add your citation to the plasmid page on our website.

Some of the following plasmids are available to industry, in addition to academics and nonprofits, and this is denoted in the Industry column below. For more information on ordering from a for-profit entity, please see our Plasmid Distribution to Industry page. The list of plasmids available to industry is continually growing. Sign up to get email updates for the newest plasmids available to industry.

ID Plasmid Description Industry PI

Other Coronavirus Plasmids: SARS-CoV Plasmids (also called "SARS-classic")

ID Plasmid Description Industry PI

Due to export control regulations, SARS-CoV materials are available only in the US at this time.

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Plasmids Encoding Human Genes or Inserts

Several human genes have been identified as having a key role in coronavirus infection, such as ACE2 and TMPRSS2, which are involved in the entry of SARS-CoV and SARS-CoV-2. Find plasmids related to these genes below.

ID Plasmid Description Industry PI

For more information on these genes, see the links and references below:

  • ACE2 - (Human Angiotensin Converting Enzyme 2) is the host cell receptor mediating the entry of SARS-CoV and SARS-CoV-2 viruses. (1)
  • TMPRSS2 - a serine protease that primes the SARS-CoV-2 S protein and is involved in virus entry into cells. (2)
  • FURIN - an enzyme that cleaves precursor proteins to a biologically active state. The SARS-CoV-2 S protein contains a potential cleavage site for furin proteases.(3)
  • BSG - (CD147), transmembrane glycoprotein of the immunoglobulin superfamily, binds to the SARS-CoV-2 S protein and is involved in virus entry into cells. (4)
  • Cathepsin L - a cysteine endosomal protease that triggers proteolysis of SARS-CoV Spike protein, activating its membrane fusion function.(5)
  • TACE - (ADAM17) a metalloprotease that cleaves hACE2, potentially increasing viral infectivity.(6)
  • PCP4 - (Purkinje cell protein 4) is involved in beating of airway cilia.(7)
  • Cytokines - SARS-CoV-2 infection induces a cytokine storm response in the body. For a full list of cytokines and related plasmids see our Immunology Resource Guide.

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General Plasmid Tools

Find plasmid tools that may be helpful for COVID-19 research in the table below:

ID Plasmid Description Industry PI

Do you have a suggestion for plasmids that would be useful for your COVID-19 research? Fill out this Suggest a Plasmid form. If the plasmid has been described previously we will reach out to the lab to ask them to deposit the plasmid with us. Otherwise we will pass along the request to Ginkgo Bioworks for consideration for synthesis.

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External Resources

Research Articles

Many publishers have allowed free access to articles related to SARS-CoV-2 research during the current outbreak:

Collections of COVID-19 related articles spanning multiple publishers can be found here:


Protocols relevant to SARS-CoV-2 Research

More Coronavirus Resources


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  2. TMPRSS2 - Hoffmann M, et al, 2020, Cell SARS-CoV-2 Cell Entry Depends on ACE2 and TMPRSS2 and Is Blocked by a Clinically Proven Protease Inhibitor.
  3. FURIN - Andersen, KG, et al, 2020, Nature Medicine The proximal origin of SARS-CoV-2.
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  6. TACE - Heurich A, et al , 2014, J Virol. TMPRSS2 and ADAM17 cleave ACE2 differentially and only proteolysis by TMPRSS2 augments entry driven by the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus spike protein..
  7. PCP4 - Kogiso H, et al, 2020, Int J Mol Sci Airway Ciliary Beating Affected by the Pcp4 Dose-Dependent [Ca 2+] i Increase in Down Syndrome Mice, Ts1Rhr.

Do you have suggestions for other plasmids that should be added to this list?

Fill out our Suggest a Plasmid form or e-mail [email protected] to help us improve this resource!