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Our Depositors Say...
“Addgene has done a first class job and has… taken an enormous burden off my back and my budget.”
Dr. Robert Weinberg, MIT
“Depositing plasmids with Addgene saves my lab time and money. It’s a great service for the community.”
-Dr. Eric Campeau, UMass, Worcester
“The ability to deposit vectors associated with our lab for distribution by Addgene is extremely useful and productive, enabling me and my staff to focus on research and educational tasks instead. [Addgene has] exceeded my high expectations in terms of ease of contributing, format of an excellent web portal, and overall professionalism. I would strongly recommend Addgene to my colleagues.”
Dr. Guy Caldwell, University of Alabama
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Did you know that Addgene accepts plasmids pre-publication? If you have cloned unique plasmids for an upcoming publication, we encourage you to contribute them before the paper is released.

Why deposit plasmids before publication?

  • Depositing plasmids with Addgene takes a few weeks to complete our quality control and MTA processes. By submitting your plasmids to us before your paper is published, we begin the process in advance so that your plasmids can be ready when your paper is released.
  • Upon your request, plasmids can be held offline until your paper is published or you decide to make them available
  • Over 20 Journals now encourage you to submit your plasmids to Addgene (see list). Addgene curates the plasmids online with all relevant information, therefore allowing you to direct people to the Addgene plasmid page for information related to cloning, sequences, maps, etc.

  • Example of Plasmid Availability Listed in the Methods Section of a 2011 Nature Paper

  • You will be rewarded with all of the standard benefits of depositing with Addgene and the knowledge that you are contributing to an important community resource.
  • Once your article is published, we can easily associate your plasmids with the appropriate PubMed ID to ensure that your plasmids receive the correct citations.

What should I do to request my plasmids be kept offline until my paper is published?

  • Please enter HOLD + description: (Ex.HOLD--Smith lab MAPK plasmids) when beginning the data entry process.
  • You can also email us at deposit@addgene.org to request that your plasmids remain offline until publication. Please be sure to include your deposit number.
  • We will begin our MTA and quality control processes for your plasmids and let you know when they are ready, but the plasmids will not be available for request.

What should I do when my paper is published?

  • Contact us with your article citation information and PubMed ID. We will associate your paper with your plasmids on our website.
  • When you have decided to make your plasmids available, simply contact us, referring to your deposit number or the plasmids you would like to release, to request they be made available.

How do I get started?

    Use our online deposit forms to complete your submission.

    Addgene accepts either a small aliquot of DNA (5-15 ul) or a bacterial streak of your sample. If you would like assistance with your deposit, just email deposit@addgene.org and ask to be paired with an Addgene scientist.

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