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viral-service-icon-v3.png Viral Service: Recombinases

These AAV encode site-specific recombinases, which can be used to control gene expression.


ID Name Promoter Fluorophore Serotype(s) PI
50363 AAV phSyn1(S)-DreO-bGHpA Syn none 5, rg* Zeng

Flpo AAV

ID Name Promoter Fluorophore Serotype(s) PI
55634 pAAV-EF1a-mCherry-IRES-Flpo EF1a mCherry (not a fusion tag) 1, rg* Deisseroth
55637 pAAV-EF1a-Flpo EF1a none 1, rg* Deisseroth
87306 AAV pEF1a-DIO-FLPo-WPRE-hGHpA EF1a none 1, 2, 5, rg* Zhang
75469 pAAV-EF1a-Flp-DOG-NW EF1a none 1 Cepko


ID Name Promoter Fluorophore/Tag Serotype(s) PI
CaMKII Promoter
105551 pENN.AAV.CamKII.HI.GFP-Cre.WPRE.SV40 CamKII GFP 9 Wilson
105558 pENN.AAV.CamKII 0.4.Cre.SV40 CamKII none 1, 5, 9 Wilson
CMV Promoter
105537 pENN.AAV.CMVs.Pl.Cre.rBG CMV none 1, 2, 6.2, 8, 9, rh10 Wilson
105545 pAAV.CMV.HI.eGFP-Cre.WPRE.SV40 CMV eGFP 1, 2, 5, 8, 9 Wilson
EF1a Promoter
55632 pAAV-Ef1a-mCherry-IRES-Cre EF1a mCherry (not a fusion tag) 8, rg* Deisseroth
121675 pAAV-EF1a-fDIO-Cre EF1a none 9, rg* Engel, Nectow
69570 pAAV-EF1a-N-CretrcintG EF1a none 1 Cepko
69571 pAAV-EF1a-C-CreintG EF1a none 1 Cepko
GFAP Promoter
105550 pAAV.GFAP.Cre.WPRE.hGH GFAP none 5 Wilson
rTH Promoter
107788 AAV.rTH.PI.Cre.SV40 rTH none 9, rg* Wilson
PGK Promoter
24593 AAV-pgk-Cre PGK none rg* Aebischer
Synapsin Promoter
51507 AAV pmSyn1-EBFP-Cre Syn EBFP 5 Zeng
105540 pENN.AAV.hSyn.HI.eGFP-Cre.WPRE.SV40 Syn eGFP 1, 5, 9, rg*, PHPeB Wilson
105553 pENN.AAV.hSyn.Cre.WPRE.hGH Syn none 1, 5, 9, rg* Wilson
105555 pENN.AAV.hSyn.Cre.hGH Syn none 9 Wilson
107738 pAAV-hSyn-Cre-P2A-dTomato Syn dTomato 5, rg* Larsen
TBG Promoter
107787 AAV.TBG.PI.Cre.rBGe TBG none 8 Wilson

*AAVrg = retrograde serotype, produced with the AAV retro helper plasmid from the Karpova and Schaffer labs. See the Retrograde AAV Inventory Page.

Don’t See What You’re Looking For?

Please let us know what you would like to see available in viral format. Please note this does not guarantee viral service, but lets us know what viruses would be helpful to the scientific community.

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