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viral-service-icon-v3.png Viral Service: Control AAV

Browse our control AAV that express fluorescent proteins under general promoters. These AAV can be used to compare the activity of different serotypes.





ID Name Promoter Fluorophore/Tag Activity Serotype PI
Non-cre dependent (constitutive) expression
37825 AAV-CAG-GFP CAG GFP Constitutive 5, rg*, PHPeB Boyden
44332 pZac2.1 gfaABC1D-tdTomato gfaABC1D tdTomato Constitutive 5 Khakh
50465 pAAV-hSyn-EGFP hSyn EGFP Constitutive 2, 5, 8, rg* Roth
50469 pAAV-CaMKIIa-EGFP CaMKIIa EGFP Constitutive 5, 8 Roth
59462 pAAV-CAG-tdTomato CAG tdTomato Constitutive 1, 5, rg*, PHPeB, PHP.S Boyden
59462 pAAV-CAG-tdTomato Coming Soon 2 Boyden
104061 CAG-NLS-GFP Coming Soon PHPeB Gradinaru
100896 pAAV.GFA104.PI.eGFP.WPRE.bGH GFA104 EGFP Constitutive 5 Haydon
105530 pAAV.CMV.PI.EGFP.WPRE.bGH CMV EGFP Constitutive 2, 5, 8, 9, rh10 Wilson
105531 pAAV.CMV.LacZ.bGH CMV LacZ Constitutive 1, 5, 8, 9 Wilson
105532 pAAV.CMV.ffLuciferase.SV40 CMV ffLuciferase Constitutive 1, 2, 8 Wilson
105534 pAAV.TBG.PI.LacZ .bGH TBG none Constitutive 8 Wilson
105536 pAAV.TBG.PI.Null.bGH TBG none Constitutive 8 Wilson
105538 pENN.AAV.TBG.PI.ffLuciferase.RBG TBG none Constitutive 8 Wilson
105541 pENN.AAV.CamKII0.4.eGFP.WPRE.rBG CamKII EGFP Constitutive 1, 5, 9 Wilson
105535 pAAV.TBG.PI.eGFP.WPRE.bGH TBG EGFP Constitutive 8 Wilson
105539 pAAV.hSyn.eGFP.WPRE.bGH hSyn EGFP Constitutive 1, 5, 9 Wilson
105542 pENN.AAV.CB7.CI.eGFP.WPRE.rBG CB7 EGFP Constitutive 1, 2, 5, 8, 9 Wilson
105543 pENN.AAV.cTNT.PI.eGFP.WPRE.rBG cTNT EGFP Constitutive 9 Wilson
105544 pENN.AAV.CB7.CI.mCherry.WPRE.RBG CB7 mCherry Constitutive 1, 9 Wilson
105546 pENN.AAV.CB7.CI.TurboRFP.WPRE.RBG CB7 TurboRFP Constitutive 1 Wilson
105547 pENN.AAV.EF1a.eGFP.WPRE.rBG EF1a EGFP Constitutive 5, 9 Wilson
105548 pENN.AAV.CMVs.TurboRFP.WPRE.RBG CMV TurboRFP Constitutive 1, 5, 8 Wilson
105549 pAAV.GFAP.eGFP.WPRE.hGH GFAP EGFP Constitutive 5 Wilson
105552 pENN.AAV.hSyn.TurboRFP.WPRE.RBG hSyn TurboRFP Constitutive 1 Wilson
105554 pENN.AAV.CAG.tdTomato.WPRE.SV40 CAG tdTomato Constitutive 1 Wilson
105556 pENN.AAV.tMCK.PI.eGFP.WPRE.bGH tMCK EGFP Constitutive 9 Wilson
105557 pENN.AAV.CB7.CI.mCerulean.WPRE.RBG CB7 mCerulean Constitutive 1, 9 Wilson
105598 pAAV.GfaABC1D.PI.Lck-GFP.SV40 GfaABC1D Lck-GFP Constitutive 5 Khakh
105622 pAAV.CamKII(1.3).eYFP.WPRE.hGH CamKII(1.3) eYFP Constitutive 1 Deisseroth
105921 pAAV-CBh-mKate2-IRES-MCS (WT-WT) CBh mKate2 Constitutive 2 Patrick
105922 pAAV-CBh-mKate2-IRES-MCS (C-gap-WT) CBh mKate2 Constitutive 2 Patrick
Cre-dependent expression
28304 pAAV-FLEX-GFP CAG GFP Cre dependent PHPeB Boyden
27056 pAAV-Ef1a-DIO EYFP EF1a EYFP Cre dependent 1, 2, 5, 9 Deisseroth
28306 pAAV-FLEX-tdTomato CAG tdTomato Cre dependent 9, rg*, PHPeB, PHP.S Boyden
37120 pAAV-Ef1a-DO_DIO-TdTomato_EGFP-WPRE-pA EF1a tdTomato or EGFP Cre dependent rg* Sabatini
50457 pAAV-hSyn-DIO-EGFP hSyn EGFP Cre dependent rg* Roth
50459 pAAV-hSyn-DIO-mCherry hSyn mCherry Cre dependent 2, 5, 8 Roth
51502 AAV pCAG-FLEX-EGFP-WPRE CAG EGFP Cre dependent 1, 2, 9 Zeng
51503 AAV pCAG-FLEX-tdTomato-WPRE CAG tdTomato Cre dependent 1 Zeng
100043 pAAV.synP.DIO.EGFP.WPRE.hGH Syn EGFP Cre dependent 9 Wickersham
100048 pAAV.CAG.LSL.tdTomato CAG tdTomato Cre dependent 1, 9 Zeng
Cre and Flp-dependent expression
55650 pAAV-hSyn Con/Fon EYFP hSyn EYFP Cre and Flp dependent 8 Deisseroth
Spaghetti Monster tags
98926 pAAV.CAG.GFPsm-myc.WPRE.SV40 CAG GFPsm-myc (does not fluoresce) Constitutive 1 Looger
98927 pENN.AAV.CAG.Flex.GFPsm_myc.WPRE.SV40 CAG GFPsm_myc (does not fluoresce) Cre dependent 1 Looger
98928 pAAV.CAG.Flex.Ruby2sm-Flag.WPRE.SV40 CAG Ruby2sm-Flag (does not fluoresce) Cre dependent 1 Looger
Brainbow Constructs
45185 AAV-EF1a-BbTagBY EF1a TagBFP and EYFP Cre-dependent 9 Sanes
45186 AAV-EF1a-BbChT EF1a mCherry and mTFP Cre-dependent 9 Sanes

Currently, no available plasmids.

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*AAVrg = retrograde serotype, produced with the AAV retro helper plasmid from the Karpova and Schaffer labs. See the Retrograde AAV Inventory Page.

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