pQCXIH CMV/TO SV40 Large T K1 mutant (w417-1)
(Plasmid #22273)

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  • Vector backbone
  • Backbone manufacturer
  • Backbone size w/o insert (bp) 7911
  • Vector type
    Mammalian Expression, Retroviral
  • Selectable markers

Growth in Bacteria

  • Bacterial Resistance(s)
  • Growth Temperature
  • Growth Strain(s)
  • Growth instructions
    TOP10F', 37oC
  • Copy number
    High Copy

Sequence Information


  • Gene/Insert name
    SV40 Large T antigen K1 mutant
  • Alt name
    Large T K1
  • Insert Size (bp)
  • Mutation
    E107K (K1 mutation)
  • Entrez Gene
    SV40gp6 (a.k.a. SV40gp6)

Cloning Information

  • Cloning method Restriction Enzyme
  • 5′ cloning site Bam HI (not destroyed)
  • 3′ cloning site Xba I (not destroyed)
  • 5′ sequencing primer CMVforw
  • 3′ sequencing primer n/a
  • (Common Sequencing Primers)

Resource Information

  • A portion of this plasmid was derived from a plasmid made by
    Large T K1 mutant was obtained from Dr. Francis Rodier.
  • Terms and Licenses

Depositor Comments

The Large T antigen K1 mutant can no longer bind and inactivate the Rb, p130 and p107 proteins (DeCaprio et al. 1988, Stubdal et al. 1997). It also fails to activate Akt (Yu and Alwine 2008).

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  • For your Materials & Methods section:

    pQCXIH CMV/TO SV40 Large T K1 mutant (w417-1) was a gift from Eric Campeau (Addgene plasmid # 22273)