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The Mark Howarth Lab has deposited plasmids at Addgene for distribution to the research community. Addgene is a non-profit plasmid repository dedicated to improving life science research.

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ID Plasmid Gene/Insert Status
24753 pET21a-Traptavidin Traptavidin Add to Cart
26054 pET21a-Core Traptavidin Core Traptavidin Add to Cart
35044 pDEST14-SpyCatcher SpyCatcher Add to Cart
35045 pDEST14-SpyCatcher EQ SpyCatcher EQ Add to Cart
35050 pET28a-SpyTagMBP SpyTagMBP Add to Cart
46367 pET21-Streptavidin-Glutamate_Tag Streptavidin-Glutamate_Tag Add to Cart
46368 pET21-Streptavidin-Dead Aspartate Loop Streptavidin-Dead Aspartate Loop Add to Cart
51722 SpyLigase SpyLigase (Synthetic) Add to Cart
51723 SUMO-KTag SUMO-KTag (Synthetic) Add to Cart
52656 SpyTag-β-Lactamase-SpyCatcher TEM-1 β-Lactamase (Synthetic) Add to Cart
59547 Dead Streptavidin-SpyCatcher Dead-dloop-Streptavidin-SpyCatcher (Other) Add to Cart
59548 Dead Streptavidin-SpyTag Dead Streptavidin-SpyTag (Other) Add to Cart
59549 Traptavidin-E6 Core Traptavidin-E6 (Other) Add to Cart