Identification of specific PP2A complexes involved in human cell transformation.

Chen W, Possemato R, Campbell KT, Plattner CA, Pallas DC, Hahn WC

Cancer Cell. 2004 Feb . 5(2):127-36. PubMed Journal

ID Plasmid
10679 pMKO.1 GFP B55 alpha shRNA 3-1 Add to Cart
10680 pMKO.1 GFP B56 alpha shRNA 6-3 Add to Cart
10681 pMKO.1 GFP B56 gamma3 shRNA 14-1 Add to Cart
10689 pBABE zeo PPP2CA Wt Add to Cart
13800 pMIG AS B56 gamma3 Add to Cart
13803 pMIG FLAG B56 gamma3 Add to Cart
13804 pMIG FLAG B55 alpha Add to Cart
13805 pWZL Blast ST Add to Cart