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The Kathleen Green Lab has deposited plasmids at Addgene for distribution to the research community. Addgene is a non-profit plasmid repository dedicated to improving life science research.

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Title Authors
Desmosomal cadherins utilize distinct kinesins for assembly into desmosomes. Nekrasova et al
A role for caveolin-1 in desmoglein binding and desmosome dynamics. Brennan et al
EGFR and ADAMs cooperate to regulate shedding and endocytic trafficking of the desmosomal cadherin desmoglein 2. Klessner et al
Desmoplakin assembly dynamics in four dimensions: multiple phases differentially regulated by intermediate filaments and actin. Godsel et al
p120 catenin associates with kinesin and facilitates the transport of cadherin-catenin complexes to intercellular junctions. Chen et al
Protein binding and functional characterization of plakophilin 2. Evidence for its diverse roles in desmosomes and beta -catenin signaling. Chen et al
Assembly of desmosomal cadherins into desmosomes is isoform dependent. Ishii et al
Roles of plakoglobin end domains in desmosome assembly. Palka et al
The amino-terminal domain of desmoplakin binds to plakoglobin and clusters desmosomal cadherin-plakoglobin complexes. Kowalczyk et al
Kathleen Green Lab Plasmids