treasure chest Rewards Points FAQ

Q: How do I earn Rewards Points?

A: Every time a scientist requests a plasmid from your lab, you will receive a Rewards Point. The more plasmids from your lab that are requested, the more points you earn.

Q: How do I use my Rewards Points?

A: For every 15 Rewards Points your lab accumulates, you can order one free plasmid from Addgene. Shipping charges will still apply, but you can order as many free plasmids as your points allow. An option to pay for your plasmids with Rewards Points will appear during the online checkout process.

Each lab will have a unique Passcode, which can be found on the Rewards Points page of the Principal Investigator's account. Entering this Passcode will allow any member of the lab to redeem points.

Q: Why are you doing this?

A: Two main reasons: 1) The Rewards Points Program is our way of thanking our many depositors for their support and for their commitment to sharing research materials. 2) If you have not deposited with Addgene yet, we hope the Rewards Points Program will provide you with one more incentive to the many benefits that come with depositing plasmids in our repository.

Q: Are there any terms and conditions?

A: Addgene's Reward Points Program is subject to the Terms and Conditions Agreement.

Q: I am an industry depositor. Can I earn Rewards Points?

A: We regret that we cannot extend the Addgene Rewards Points program to our industry customers at this time.

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