Benefits of Depositing Plasmids at Addgene

Our Depositors Say:

“Addgene has an easy-to-use interface for entering and retrieving plasmid data. I have been in contact with Addgene staff throughout the process, and they have been exceptionally helpful and responsive. “
-Dr. David Waugh, National Cancer Institute, NIH
“Addgene has done a first class job and has… taken an enormous burden off my back and my budget.”
Dr. Robert Weinberg, MIT
“Depositing plasmids with Addgene saves my lab time and money. It’s a great service for the community.”
-Dr. Eric Campeau, UMass, Worcester
“Addgene took plasmids I thought were lost forever, resuscitated them, and allowed them to be shared with colleagues without any issues of mistaken sample identity or missing sequences. It brought some old projects back to life!”
-Dr. Jay Nadeau, McGill University
“The ability to deposit vectors associated with our lab for distribution by Addgene is extremely useful and productive, enabling me and my staff to focus on research and educational tasks instead. [Addgene has] exceeded my high expectations in terms of ease of contributing, format of an excellent web portal, and overall professionalism. I would strongly recommend Addgene to my colleagues.”
Dr. Guy Caldwell, University of Alabama

Save Time and Money

Depositing plasmids at Addgene is like getting a free lab manager. You will no longer have to find stocks, package materials, ship packages, and deal with MTAs. Addgene handles your plasmid requests, leaving you with more free time. In addition, you will earn Rewards Points from Addgene that can be redeemed for free plasmids.

Addgene creates a website for each depositing lab, and you can refer scientists requesting your plasmids to this page (see Example). A complete list of the scientists who have requested your plasmids is available through your Addgene account.

Peace of Mind

How many times have you tried in vain to find a plasmid created by a former member of the lab? To remember the cloning sites used to create a plasmid? Or worried about losing your stocks from a freezer meltdown?

Deposit plasmids at Addgene, and relax. We will preserve your samples and the associated data for use by future members of your lab. Addgene stores samples in barcoded tubes on-site in Cambridge, MA and off-site at a facility in Rockville, MD.

Share with Your Community

You want your research to make a difference. Sharing your plasmids allows other scientists to build upon your work. This is why NIH grants now require a resource sharing plan, and most journals require all published materials be shared with other scientists.

After depositing to Addgene, your materials will be searchable and accessible to other scientists. Addgene groups plasmids by article (see Example) and by gene (see Example). Scientists who use your plasmids in a publication are asked to acknowledge you and cite your article. This is an excellent way to increase the visibility of your research.

Addgene is recommended by over 20 journals (view the list of journals), and is actively being used by many top scientists (view list of scientists).

It’s Easy to Deposit

Depositing plasmids at Addgene is like answering a plasmid request, only better. Once available through Addgene, you will never have to send that plasmid out again. Also, you will be able track requests for your plasmid at any time by logging in to your Addgene account.

Addgene accepts either DNA (15 uL is plenty) or a bacterial streak of your sample. If you would like assistance with your deposit, just email deposit@addgene.org and ask to be paired with an Addgene biologist. We can help you find plasmid information, enter data, and answer any questions.

Start Depositing Plasmids