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Plasmid: ColE1/Colicin E1

Source/Vendor: Sigma
Analyze: Sequence
Plasmid Type: Unspecified
Clone Method: Unknown
Size: 6646
ColE1 plasmid makes Colicin E1, which inhibits other E. coli strains. Cells with the plasmid have immunity to Colicin E1. This is the L (light) strand. The open reading frames noted by [8] are named in FEATURES by the molecular mass of their predicted products or by the names given by [8]. Hosts: E.coli C600. Related vectors: colicin E1. (Information source: VectorDB ( http://seq.yeastgenome.org/vectordb ).)
Catalog Number: COLE1
GenBank: M33100
Stable: Unspecified
Constitutive: Unspecified
Viral/Non-Viral: Unspecified

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