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Plasmid: lambda gt10

Source/Vendor: ATCC
Plasmid Type: Unspecified
Clone Method: Unknown
Size: 43340
Left EcoRI arm = 32710 bp. Right EcoRI arm = 10630 bp. Medium is 1592 SM buffer. This sequence has been compiled from GenBank accession numbers Y00118 & J02460; this vector has not been completely sequenced. If you suspect there is an error in this sequence, please contact CLONTECH's Technical Service Department at (415) 424-8222 or (800) 662-2566, extension 3 or E-mail CLONTECH@BIOTECHNET.COM. NCBI gi: 413813 Hosts: E.coli C600, E.coli C600hflA, E.coli LE392. Related vectors: lambda, lambda gt11. (Information source: VectorDB ( http://seq.yeastgenome.org/vectordb ).)
Catalog Number: 40179
GenBank: U02447
Stable: Unspecified
Constitutive: Unspecified
Viral/Non-Viral: Unspecified