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Plasmid: pCaSpeR-hs

Source/Vendor: DGRC
Alt Name: casper
Analyze: Sequence
Plasmid Type: Insect Expression, Drosophila
Expression Level: Unknown
Clone Method: Unknown
Size: 8780
Bacterial Resistance: Ampicillin
Two segments of the hsp70 gene were inserted between the EcoRI and PstI sites of pCaSpeR. The hsp70 promotor (from 87C1), extending from the XbaI site at -245 to the XmnI site at +207, was inserted upstream from the hsp70 3' region (from 87A7). This 3' region was excised from pHT4 (Schneuwly et al. Nature 325: 816-818) as a 525 bp EcoRI - PstI fragment, extending from the SalI site at the stop codon to approx. 350 bp downstream from the poly A addition site. A polylinker containing 7 unique sites (underlined) can be used to insert an open reading frame for expression. This vector is described in Thummel and Pirrotta (1992) DIS 71: 150.
GenBank: U59056
Stable: Unspecified
Constitutive: Unspecified
Viral/Non-Viral: Unspecified

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