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Plasmid: pRDI292

Source/Vendor: Richard Iggo
Analyze: Sequence
Plasmid Type: Mammalian Expression, RNAi
Clone Method: Unknown
Size: 9185
Bacterial Resistance: Ampicillin
Selectable Marker: Puromycin
Lentivector for siRNA expression. The siRNA cassette must be cut by BamHI/SalI from pSuper and recloned with the same enzymes in pRDI292, therefore introducing the H1 promoter. The siRNA cassette is not in LTR, therefore will not be duplicated during RT. The sequence/map information have been deduced from another uncertain plasmid (pWOX-GFP or SINcPPT), thus, the information is not exact but an approximation.
Stable: Unspecified
Constitutive: Unspecified
Viral/Non-Viral: Lentiviral

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