pcDNA4-PKCZeta WT His tagged
(Plasmid #24609)

Available to Academic and Nonprofits Only


  • Vector backbone
  • Backbone size w/o insert (bp) 5077
  • Vector type
    Mammalian Expression
  • Selectable markers

Growth in Bacteria

  • Bacterial Resistance(s)
  • Growth Temperature
  • Growth Strain(s)
  • Copy number
    High Copy

Sequence Information

Full plasmid sequence is available only if provided by the depositing laboratory.


  • Gene/Insert name
  • Alt name
    PKC zeta
  • Species
    H. sapiens (human)
  • Entrez Gene
    PRKCZ (a.k.a. RP11-181G12.1, PKC-ZETA, PKC2)
  • Tag / Fusion Protein
    • His (C terminal on insert)

Cloning Information

  • Cloning method Restriction Enzyme
  • 5′ cloning site EcoRI (not destroyed)
  • 3′ cloning site XhoI (not destroyed)
  • 5′ sequencing primer CMV-F
  • (Common Sequencing Primers)

Resource Information

  • Terms and Licenses
How to cite this plasmid

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  • For your Materials & Methods section:

    pcDNA4-PKCZeta WT His tagged was a gift from Jeff Wrana (Addgene plasmid # 24609)
  • For your References section:

    Regulation of cell polarity and protrusion formation by targeting RhoA for degradation. Wang HR, Zhang Y, Ozdamar B, Ogunjimi AA, Alexandrova E, Thomsen GH, Wrana JL. Science. 2003 Dec 5. 302(5651):1775-9. 10.1126/science.1090772 PubMed 14657501