Plasmid 27489: NGFR
  • None

  • H. sapiens (human)

  • ECMV

  • C terminal on insert

  • IRES

  • C terminal on insert

  • NGFR

  • C terminal on insert

  • MSCV2.2 (MIG)
    (Search Vector Database)

  • Mammalian Expression, Retroviral

  • pLXSN 5' List of Sequencing Primers

  • Ampicillin

  • DH5alpha

  • 37

  • High Copy

  • truncated NGFR was from Warren Shlomchik

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  • Warren Pear



MSCV ires NGFR (referred to as "NGFR") is identical to MigR1 except “ires GFP” of Mig R1 is replaced by the ECMV ires cloned in frame to the truncated human nerve growth factor receptor (tNGFR), which encodes the extracellular and transmembrane domains of hNGFR.

Addgene has sequenced a portion of this plasmid for verification. Full plasmid sequence is available only if provided by the depositing laboratory.

Article: Notch1 regulates maturation of CD4+ and CD8+ thymocytes by modulating TCR signal strength. Izon et al (Immunity. 2001 Mar . 14(3):253-64. PubMed)

Please acknowledge the principal investigator and cite this article if you use this plasmid in a publication. Also, please include the text "Addgene plasmid 27489" in your Materials and Methods section.

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