Fire Lab C. elegans Vector Kit

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Dr. Andrew Fire's lab has deposited a set of vectors for C. elegans research. These vectors are available as a kit, or can be ordered individually. Addgene does not distribute worm strains.

This kit contains 288 vectors and includes both a general description and the full predicted DNA sequence for each vector. Among these vectors are:

  • lacZ and/or GFP fusion vectors with higher expression efficiency than many earlier C. elegans vectors. These include vectors with coding region for blue-shifted GFP, cyan-shifted GFP, yellow-shifted GFP, and other GFP protein variants.
  • Vectors for tagging C. elegans exons and introns with GFP.
  • Control plasmids for RNA-mediated interference.
  • Hairpin sequences to test promoters for ability to trigger RNAi in-vivo.
  • And more…
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Purchase the Fire Lab Kit (catalog#1000000001)

The kit is $375, plus shipping and handling. This kit consists of 288 plasmids, and will be shipped as bacterial glycerol stocks, 96-well format, on dry ice. Samples should be frozen at -80 degrees Celsius immediately upon arrival.

Individual plasmids can be ordered at $65 per plasmid, and will be shipped as bacterial stabs. Addgene does not sell worm strains.

The following instructions are included with the kit:


The vectors are divided into 3 plates (96 samples each):

  • 2005 vectors: H1 through H12 of the 1995 plate, H3 through H12 of the 1999 plate, and E8 and F7 of the 1999 plate are 24 new vectors made available in 2005. These vectors were not available in the 1995 and 1999 vector sets previously distributed by the Fire lab. Documentation.
  • RNAi info from the Fire Lab: PDF
  • General Outline of Bacteria-mediated RNAi: PDF

Other Documents:

  • PDF file of all plasmid information and maps (8 MB, no sequences).
  • Excel file summarizing plasmid features, sequences, and plate locations (2.6 MB).
  • Zip file containing a folder that includes plasmid features and sequences for each plasmid as individual files (774 KB).
  • Text file containing all sequences in GenBank format (3 MB).
  • Plasmid information and sequences are also packaged into a Hypercard application called DNA Janitor (472 KB zip/StuffIt). DNA Janitor, written by Dr. Fire, provides interfaces for browsing and searching plasmid information. This application requires a HyperCard viewer from Apple to run on either MacOS X Classic Mode, or MacOS 9 or earlier.

In the documentations, plasmids may be referred by their mini-prep number (prefix pPD), or ligation number (prefix L). Please consult the above Excel file for translation between these naming schemes. On this website, you may search for a plasmid using either number.

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Photo Credit: James McCarter, Genome Sequencing Center