pLVTHM Guide

pLVTHM is a lentiviral plasmid that has been deposited at Addgene by the Trono Lab. As one of our most popular 2nd generation transfer vectors, we’ve created a simplified guide to its features.

This vector map highlights all the important parts of the pLVTHM transfer vector. Simple descriptions of each component can be found in the table below. The page where you can order this plasmid can be found here

Component Description
5’LTR 5’ Long terminal repeat, contains cis regulatory regions which recruit proteins that promote transcription of full length lentivirus. Sequences here facilitate proviral integration into the host genome; an intact 5’LTR indicates that this is a 2nd generation transfer plasmid
Psi Sequence that facilitates packaging of viral RNA
RRE Rev response element: sequence to which the Rev protein binds to facilitate nuclear export of viral RNA
EF1α Promoter for elongation factor 1α, used to the expression of a marker gene such as GFP
cPPT Central poly purine tract allows nuclear import of lentivirus in host cells
GFP Green fluorescent protein used to mark successfully infected cells
WPRE The woodchuck hepatitis virus Posttranscriptonal response element augments shRNA expression
TetO Binding site for the tet repressor protein or a variant thereof which can be used to turn on or off shRNA expression
H1 Histone H1 promoter used to drive shRNA expression
LoxP Site which is recombined by the Cre recombinase in order to conditionally remove the lentiviral provirus from the host genome after successful infection and incorporation
3’LTR/SIN 3’LTR with a large deletion in the U3 region, makes the virus replication incompetent
Amp R Ampicillin resistance gene for clonal selection of transfer vector in bacteria