Plasmid 12091: GFP-p53
  • p53

  • H. sapiens (human)

  • AAD28628.1

  • TP53 (BCC7, LFS1, P53, TRP53)

  • GFP

  • C terminal on backbone

  • pEGFP-N1
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  • Clontech

  • Mammalian Expression

  • 4730

  • PstI

  • No

  • BamHI

  • No

  • CMV-F List of Sequencing Primers

  • EGFP-N

  • Kanamycin

  • DH5alpha

  • 37

  • High Copy

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  • Tyler Jacks

    Ancillary Agreement for Plasmids Containing FP Materials


The full cDNA sequence of the wild-type human p53 gene was amplified by PCR using a set of primers that introduced terminal PstI and BamHI sites. The amplified product was cloned into pEGFP/N1.

Addgene has sequenced a portion of this plasmid for verification. Full plasmid sequence is available only if provided by the depositing laboratory.

Article: An intact HDM2 RING-finger domain is required for nuclear exclusion of p53. Boyd et al (Nat Cell Biol. 2000 Sep . 2(9):563-8. PubMed)

Please acknowledge the principal investigator and cite this article if you use this plasmid in a publication. Also, please include the text "Addgene plasmid 12091" in your Materials and Methods section.

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