Plasmid 14002: RCAS(A) dRhoA N19 (CT#847)
  • RhoA

  • RhoA-N19

  • Dominant negative RhoA

  • 600

  • D. melanogaster (fly)

  • Rho1 (Dmel_CG8416, 8416, AAF01186, CG8416, D-Rho1, DRho, DRho1, DRhoA, Dm Rho1, DmRHO-A, Dmel\CG8416, Drho1, DrhoA, E3.10/J3.8, RHO, RHO1, Rho, Rho A, Rho GTPase, Rho kinase, RhoA, RhoN19, dRho1, dRhoA, dnRho, l(2)52Fa, l(2)k02107b, n(2)k07236, rho, rho1, rhoA)

  • T19N

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  • Retroviral ; avian expression

  • 11600

  • ClaI

  • No

  • ClaI

  • No

  • RCAS-F List of Sequencing Primers

  • Ampicillin

  • DH5alpha

  • 37

  • High Copy

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  • Cliff Tabin


Addgene has sequenced a portion of this plasmid for verification. Full plasmid sequence is available only if provided by the depositing laboratory.

Article: Wnt-14 plays a pivotal role in inducing synovial joint formation in the developing appendicular skeleton. Hartmann et al (Cell. 2001 Feb 9. 104(3):341-51. PubMed)

Please acknowledge the principal investigator and cite this article if you use this plasmid in a publication. Also, please include the text "Addgene plasmid 14002" in your Materials and Methods section.