Plasmid 15951: pLOVE-Nmyc
  • v-myc myelocytomatosis viral related oncogene, neuroblastoma derived (avian)

  • Mycn, Nmyc, N-myc

  • 2500

  • M. musculus (mouse)

  • Mycn (N-myc, Nmyc, Nmyc-1, Nmyc1, bHLHe37, c-nmyc)

  • V5

  • C terminal on insert

  • The recombination reaction required to clone "Gene X" into the pLOVE vector backbone removes 1456 bp (the CmR-ccdB region). Therefore, the size of pLOVE-Nmyc is ~9307 bp.

  • pLOVE
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  • Mammalian Expression, Lentiviral

  • 8263

  • n/a List of Sequencing Primers

  • V5

  • Ampicillin

  • Stbl3

  • 37

  • Expand pLOVE/GeneX in Stbl3 cells(sensitive to ccdB)

  • High Copy

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  • Miguel Ramalho-Santos


Addgene has sequenced a portion of this plasmid for verification. Full plasmid sequence is available only if provided by the depositing laboratory.

Article: Generation of Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells in the Absence of Drug Selection. Blelloch et al (Cell Stem Cell. 2007 Sep 13. ():. PubMed)

Please acknowledge the principal investigator and cite this article if you use this plasmid in a publication. Also, please include the text "Addgene plasmid 15951" in your Materials and Methods section.