Plasmid 17626: EF.hICN1.Ubc.GFP

Addgene sequence shows that there is an A1902S mutation in Notch1 relative to NCBI sequences. This mutation is not known to affect function.

hICN1 driven by the EF-1a promoter and a GFP reporter driven by the ubiquitin C (Ubc) promoter.

Recombinant LVs were produced by transient transfection of the transducing vector into 293T cells with two packaging vectors: pMD.G, a plasmid expressing the VSV-G envelope gene, and pCMVDeltaR8.91, a plasmid expressing the HIV-1 gag/pol, tat, and rev genes.

Addgene has sequenced a portion of this plasmid for verification. Full plasmid sequence is available only if provided by the depositing laboratory.

Article: HES1 inhibits cycling of hematopoietic progenitor cells via DNA binding. Yu et al (Stem Cells. 2006 Apr . 24(4):876-88. PubMed)

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