Plasmid 24333: ins-cre_cryaa-Venus
  • Cre

  • cre (P1_gp003)

  • Venus

  • C terminal on backbone

  • pBluescript
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  • Worm Expression, Cre/Lox

  • 3000

  • Cre-R List of Sequencing Primers

  • EGFP-N

  • Ampicillin

  • DH5alpha

  • 37

  • Unknown

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  • Didier Stainier



ins-Cre_cryaa-Venus was generated by placing the Cre coding sequence downstream of 1.5 kb of the proximal insulin promoter. The cryaa-Venus cassette was inserted downstream of Cre in the reverse orientation using 0.54 kb of the cryaa promoter.

Addgene has sequenced a portion of this plasmid for verification. Full plasmid sequence is available only if provided by the depositing laboratory.

Article: Distinct populations of quiescent and proliferative pancreatic beta-cells identified by HOTcre mediated labeling. Hesselson et al (Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2009 Sep 1. 106(35):14896-901. PubMed)

Please acknowledge the principal investigator and cite this article if you use this plasmid in a publication. Also, please include the text "Addgene plasmid 24333" in your Materials and Methods section.