TALEN Expression Vectors for REAL, REAL-Fast and FLASH

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This page lists plasmid vectors into which DNA fragments encoding TAL effector repeat arrays (assembled using the REAL, REAL-Fast or FLASH methods) can be cloned for expression as TALENs. Additional details about the REAL, REAL-Fast, and FLASH assembly methods can be found on the TALengineering website: http://www.TALengineering.org/platforms.htm. All three of these methods yield TAL effector repeat arrays with identical DNA and amino acid sequences (i.e.—only the details of the assembly are different among the three methods, the final products are the same).

All expression vectors listed below have the CMV promoter for mammalian cell expression and a T7 promoter for in vitro transcription of RNA. TALENs expressed from these vectors also have a FLAG epitope tag and nuclear localization signal at their amino-terminus.

The expression vectors listed below can be purchased together with the Joung Lab Individual REAL TALE Repeat Plasmids in the Joung Lab REAL Assembly TALEN Kit

Vectors encoding wild-type FokI nuclease domains (Sander et al., Nat Biotechnol. 2011):

  • pJDS70 - contains a C-terminal 0.5 TALE repeat with the NI RVD for binding to an A nucleotide)
  • pJDS71 - contains a C-terminal 0.5 TALE repeat with the HD RVD for binding to a C nucleotide)
  • pJDS74 - contains a C-terminal 0.5 TALE repeat with the NN RVD for binding to a G nucleotide)
  • pJDS78 - contains a C-terminal 0.5 TALE repeat with the NG RVD for binding to a T nucleotide)

ID Plasmid C-terminal 0.5 TALE repeat Binds
32285 JDS70 NI RVD A Add to Cart
32287 JDS71 HD RVD C Add to Cart
32288 JDS74 NN RVD G Add to Cart
32290 JDS78 NG RVD T Add to Cart