MicroRNA programs in normal and aberrant stem and progenitor cells.

Arnold CP, Tan R, Zhou B, Yue SB, Schaffert S, Biggs JR, Doyonnas R, Lo MC, Perry JM, Renault VM, Sacco A, Somervaille T, Viatour P, Brunet A, Cleary ML, Li L, Sage J, Zhang DE, Blau HM, Chen C, Chen CZ

Genome Res. 2011 May . 21(5):798-810. PubMed Journal

ID Plasmid
31508 MSCV miRNA control plasmid Add to Cart
31509 MDH1-miR-196a-1-PGK-GFP-Blast Add to Cart
31510 MDH1-miR-196a-1SM-PGK-GFP-Blast Add to Cart
31511 MDH1-miR-196a-2-PGK-GFP-Blast Add to Cart
31512 MDH1-miR-196a-2SM-PGK-GFP-Blast Add to Cart
31513 MDH1-miR-196b-PGK-GFP-Blast Add to Cart
31514 MDH1-miR-196bSM-PGK-GFP-Blast Add to Cart
31515 MDH1-miR-31-PGK-GFP-Blast Add to Cart
31516 MDH1-miR-31SM-PGK-GFP-Blast Add to Cart
31517 MDH1-miR-324-PGK-GFP-Blas Add to Cart
31518 MDH1-miR-324SM-PGK-GFP-Blast Add to Cart
31519 MDH1-miR-221-PGK-GFP-Blast Add to Cart
31520 MDH1-miR-221SM-PGK-GFP-Blast Add to Cart
31522 MDH1-miR-222-PGK-GFP-Blast Add to Cart
31523 Hoxb6-3'UTR Add to Cart
31524 Hoxa4-3'UTR Add to Cart
31525 Hoxd13-3'UTR Add to Cart