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viral-service-icon-v3.png Viral Service: Optogenetics AAV

Optogenetic tools can be used to control cell activity in living tissue with light. Optogenetics is typically used in neuroscience to control electrical potentials in neurons. See our Optogenetics Plasmids and Optogenetics Guide page for more information about this field.

Use the table and filters below to find ready-to-use AAV preparations of optogenetics plasmids available in Addgene's collection.


  • Excitatory
  • Inhibitory




ID Name Promoter Opsin Variant Tag Activity Serotype PI
Excitatory: Wild-type ChR2
18917 AAV-FLEX-rev-ChR2-tdtomato CBA ChR2 tdTomato Cre dependent 1, 9 Sternson
20071 pACAGW-ChR2-Venus-AAV CAG ChR2 Venus Constitutive 1 Svoboda
Excitatory: ChR2/H134R
18916 AAV-FLEX-rev-ChR2(H134R)-mCherry CBA ChR2/H134R mCherry Cre dependent 1 Sternson
20297 pAAV-EF1a-double floxed-hChR2(H134R)-mCherry-WPRE-HGHpA EF1a ChR2/H134R mCherry Cre dependent 1, 5, 8, rg* Deisseroth
20298 pAAV-EF1a-double floxed-hChR2(H134R)-EYFP-WPRE-HGHpA EF1a ChR2/H134R EYFP Cre dependent 1, 5, rg* Deisseroth
26969 pAAV-CaMKIIa-hChR2(H134R)-EYFP CaMKII ChR2/H134R EYFP Constitutive 2 Deisseroth
26975 pAAV-CaMKIIa-hChR2(H134R)-mCherry CaMKII ChR2/H134R mCherry Constitutive 1, 5 Deisseroth
28017 AAV-CAG-hChR2-H134R-tdTomato CAG ChR2/H134R tdTomato Constitutive rg* Svoboda
55645 pAAV-hSyn Con/Fon hChR2(H134R)-EYFP Syn ChR2/H134R EYFP Cre, Flp dependent 8, rg* Deisseroth
58880 pAAV-Syn-ChR2(H134R)-GFP Syn ChR2/H134R GFP Constitutive 8, rg* Boyden
100054 pAAV.CAG.hChR2(H134R)-mCherry.WPRE.SV40 CAG ChR2/H134R mCherry Constitutive 5, 9 Deisseroth
Excitatory: ChR2/other mutants
35503 pAAV-Ef1a-DIO hChR2(C128S/D156A)-EYFP EF1a ChR2(C128S/D156A) EYFP Cre dependent 1 Deisseroth
35507 pAAV-Ef1a-DIO hChR2(E123A)-EYFP EF1a ChR2(E123A) EYFP Cre dependent 1, 9 Deisseroth
35509 pAAV-Ef1a-DIO hChR2(E123T/T159C)-EYFP EF1a ChR2(E123T/T159C) EYFP Cre dependent 5, 9 Deisseroth
Excitatory: Chronos, Chrimson, ChETA, C1V1 (t/t)
26968 pAAV-Ef1a-DIO ChETA-EYFP EF1a ChETA EYFP Cre dependent 1, 5 Deisseroth
59170 pAAV-Syn-Chronos-GFP Syn Chronos GFP Constitutive 1, 5, 9, rg* Boyden
59171 pAAV-Syn-ChrimsonR-tdT Syn ChrimsonR tdTomato Constitutive 1, 5, 9 Boyden
62723 pAAV-Syn-FLEX-rc[ChrimsonR-tdTomato] Syn ChrimsonR tdTomato Cre dependent 5 Boyden
62726 pAAV-Syn-Chronos-tdTomato Syn Chronos tdTomato Constitutive 8 Boyden
100049 pAAV.hSynap.ChETA(E123T/H134R)-eYFP.WPRE.hGH Syn ChETA EYFP Constitutive 1, 9 Deisseroth
100050 pAAV.CaMKIIa.ChETA(E123T/H134R)-eYFP.WPRE.hGH CaMKII ChETA EYFP Constitutive 5 Deisseroth
Inhibitory: Arch and variants
22222 AAV-FLEX-Arch-GFP CAG Arch GFP Cre dependent 1, 5, 9 Boyden
28305 pAAV-FLEX-ArchT-tdTomato CAG ArchT tdTomato Cre dependent 5 Boyden
29777 pAAV-CAG-ArchT-GFP CAG ArchT GFP Constitutive 5, 9 Boyden
99039 pAAV-CamKII-ArchT-GFP (PV2527) CaMKII ArchT GFP Constitutive 1, 5 Boyden
Inhibitory: eNpHR 3.0
26966 AAV-Ef1a-DIO eNpHR 3.0-EYFP EF1a eNpHR 3.0 EYFP Cre dependent 1, 5 Deisseroth
26971 pAAV-CaMKIIa-eNpHR 3.0-EYFP CaMKII eNpHR 3.0 EYFP Constitutive 1 Deisseroth
26972 pAAV-hSyn-eNpHR 3.0-EYFP Syn eNpHR 3.0 EYFP Constitutive serotype Deisseroth
Inhibitory: Jaws
65014 pAAV-hsyn-Jaws-KGC-GFP-ER2 Syn Jaws GFP Constitutive 5, 8, rg* Boyden
84445 pAAV-CAG-FLEX-rc [Jaws-KGC-GFP-ER2] CAG Jaws GFP Cre dependent rg* Boyden

No available items found to match all requested criteria. Please consider using fewer filtering options.

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*AAVrg = retrograde serotype, produced with the AAV retro helper plasmid from the Karpova and Schaffer labs. See the Retrograde AAV Inventory Page.

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