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Addgene is open for ordering and depositing; find up-to-date details here. To learn more about how we are supporting COVID-19 research and to find related plasmids, check out our COVID-19 and Coronavirus Plasmids & Resources page.

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Please note: Your browser does not fully support some of the features used on Addgene's website. If you run into any problems registering, depositing, or ordering please contact us at [email protected] Learn more

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News and Press Releases

  • August 2020-Addgene Develops a Plasmid Collection and Resource Center for Rett Syndrome

    Read the press release for more details of this collaboration.

  • August 2020-Addgene's August Newsletter

    Read about Addgene’s new cloning grade DNA service, new plasmid and viral vector tools, and educational resources for distance learning. See Addgene's August Newsletter.

  • June 2020-Addgene's June Newsletter

    Learn about new plasmids for COVID-19 research, plasmid distribution to industry scientists, new Made on Request viral service, and more. See Addgene's June Newsletter.

  • April 2020-Addgene's COVID-19 Plasmids and Resources

    Learn how Addgene is joining the scientific community's response to accelerate research related to COVID-19. See Addgene's April Newsletter.

  • January 2020-Addgene's January Newsletter

    Learn about the AAV Data Hub, new plasmids and viral vectors, job openings and more. See Addgene's January Newsletter.

  • September 2019-Addgene's September Newsletter

    Learn about new our behavioral neuroscience tools, new plasmids and viral vectors, and more. We'll also be at the Neuroscience 2019 Conference at Booth #2163 See Addgene's September Newsletter.

  • June 2019-Addgene's June Newsletter

    Learn about new our new trial size AAV for serotype testing, new Help Center, and more. See Addgene's June Newsletter.

  • March 2019-Addgene's March Newsletter

    Learn about new ready-to-use viral vectors and plasmids, lab tips, and more. See Addgene's March Newsletter.

  • January 2019-Addgene's January Newsletter

    Celebrate 15 years of plasmid sharing, apply for the 2019 Michael Davidson and Roger Tsien Travel Award, and download our Science Career Guide. See Addgene's January Newsletter.

  • September 2018-Addgene's September Newsletter

    Celebrate 1,000,000 plasmids shared, enter our #1millionplasmids photo contest, and find lentiviral preps at a lower price! See Addgene's September Newsletter.

  • June 2018-Addgene's June Newsletter

    Check out new AAV preps available through our Viral Service, sign up to receive our upcoming Viral Vectors 101 eBook, find new hot plasmids, and more! See Addgene's June Newsletter.

  • April 2018-Addgene's April Newsletter

    Learn about our efforts to fill gaps in the repository, the Minisymposium on Reproducibility, and more! See Addgene's April Newsletter.

  • Jan 2018-Addgene's January Newsletter

    Learn about our collaboration with Penn Vector Core, new protocol videos, and more! See Addgene's January Newsletter.

  • Sept 2017-Addgene's September Newsletter

    Learn about our Fluorescent Protein eBook, new blog topic pages, and more! See Addgene's September Newsletter.

  • July 2017-Addgene's July Newsletter

    Learn about our updated plasmid maps, download the 2nd Edition of our CRISPR 101 eBook, and more! See Addgene's July Newsletter.

  • June 2017-Addgene Upgrades Plasmid Maps with SnapGene Server Software

    Read the press release for more details of this collaboration.

  • June 2017-Boston Business Journal Names Addgene a Top Place to Work for 2017

    Check out BBJ's official announcment to learn more.

  • March 2017-Addgene's March Newsletter

    Learn about new plasmid validation methods at Addgene, sponsors for the viral service, hot plasmids, and more! See Addgene's March Newsletter.

  • December 2016-Addgene's December Newsletter

    Our new Immunology Resource Page, the Blue Flame Awards, the new Viral Service, and more! See Addgene's December Newsletter.

  • November 2016-The Boston Globe Names Addgene a Top Place to Work for 2016

    Read the press release about Addgene's #1 ranking in the small company category.

  • September 2016-Addgene's September Newsletter

    Find great kits to get the academic year started right, subscribe to our podcast, watch our first protocol video, and more! See Addgene's Fall Newsletter.

  • June 2016-Addgene's June Newsletter

    Check out our Cancer and Microbiology pages, use the validated gRNA sequence data table, learn about PiggyBac Transposon Vectors, and more. See Addgene's Summer Newsletter.

  • March 2016-Addgene's March Newsletter

    Learn about our new CRISPR 101 eBook, suggest a plasmid for the repository, optimize your search with our browse and search vidoe, answer our call bloggers, hot plasmids, and more. See Addgene's Spring Newsletter.

  • December 2015-Addgene's December Newsletter

    Learn about our updated Plasmids 101 eBook, new Help Center, updated CRISPR Guide, #DeckTheLab photo contest, hot plasmids, and more. See Addgene's Winter Newsletter.

  • September 2015-Addgene's September Newsletter

    Learn about the new viral vector resources, new bacterial expression plasmids collection, our MTA process, new instructional videos, hot plasmids, and more. See Addgene's Fall Newsletter.

  • June 2015-Addgene's June Newsletter

    Learn about the new Cre-lox curated collection, purchase orders, our new distributor in Korea, Hot plasmids, and more. See Addgene's Summer Newsletter.

  • March 2015-Addgene's March Newsletter

    Addgene has moved! Plus a visit to Developmental Studies Hybridoma Bank (DSHB), the new Tetracycline curated collection, Hot plasmids, and more. See Addgene's Spring Newsletter.

  • January 2015-Addgene in Nucleic Acids Research

    Learn about the Addgene repository, tools, and educational resources.

    Please see: Kamens J. The Addgene repository: an international nonprofit plasmid and data resource. Nucleic Acids Res. 2015. PubMed PMID 25392412.

  • December 2014-Addgene's December Newsletter

    Addgene’s new website has launched! Plus our new Luciferase special collection, Hot plasmids, Management 101 for Scientists blog post, and more. See Addgene's Winter Newsletter.

  • September 2014-Addgene's September Newsletter

    Addgene’s new eBook - Plasmids 101, Michael Davidson's fluorescent protein collection, Hot Plasmids, CRISPR updates, and more. See Addgene's Fall Newsletter.

  • July 2014-Addgene featured in Nature Methods

    Learn about our role in managing, storing, and sharing reagents in Nature Methods.

  • June 2014-Addgene's June Newsletter

    Addgene’s new Synthetic Biology Guide, our most popular blog posts, Hot Plasmids, and more. See Addgene's Summer Newsletter.

  • June 2014-Addgene Opens Its First International Office in Europe

    Located just outside of London, UK, the new office is being hosted by LGC and will focus on providing customer support and scientific outreach to European scientists and research institutions. Learn more.

  • March 2014-Addgene's March Newsletter

    Addgene’s updated CRISPR resources, Plasmids 101 blog series, Hot Plasmids, and more. See Addgene's Spring Newsletter.

  • January 2014-Addgene featured in Nature

    Read about our history and the role of biological resource centers in Nature.

  • January 2014-10 Year Anniversary

    Addgene turns 10 this year! We're pretty excited and thought we would share some statistics to learn about our most popular plasmid technologies over the past 10 years. Read more.

  • December 2013-Addgene's December Newsletter

    Addgene’s new blog, the upcoming ASCB Annual Meeting, our collection of nuclear receptor plasmids, and more. See Addgene's Holiday Newsletter.

  • November 2013-Launch of Addgene's Blog

    We're excited to announce the launch of our blog, "A Better Way to Share Science". In the blog we'll help you share science by highlighting the latest plasmid technologies, bringing you the inside scoop from scientists, providing career development advice, and more. Addgene's Blog.

  • September 2013-Addgene's September Newsletter

    Addgene’s interview with Marian Waterman about crowd-sourcing the Open Source Wnt Project, new hot plasmids, updated CRISPR/Cas9 plasmids, and much more. See Addgene's Fall Newsletter.

  • June 2013-Addgene June Newsletter

    Addgene’s Optogenetics Guide, Fluorescent Protein Tagging Guide, Gibson Assembly Cloning, and more. See Addgene's Summer Newsletter.

  • June 2013-Addgene Nominated for a Mass Nonprofit Network Award

    The 2013 Excellence Award nomination recognizes Addgene's creative plasmid sharing solutions. Read more

  • May 2013-Updated Terms of Use and Privacy Policies

    As of May 23rd, 2013, Addgene's Terms of Use and Privacy Policies have changed. Please visit Addgene's Terms of Use and Privacy Policy before making further use of our website and/or services.

  • April 2013-Labguru integrates Addgene database

    Scientists using Labguru now have easy access to Addgene plasmid data. Learn more.

  • March 2013-Addgene March Newsletter

    Addgene’s Genome Engineering Guide, CRISPR Guide, PubMed and Science Direct Apps, and more. See Addgene's Spring Newsletter.

  • February 2013-Congrats to the winners of the Breakthrough Prize in Life Sciences

    Addgene is proud to distribute plasmids on behalf of 8 of the 11 winners. Read more.

  • February 2013-Addgene supports the research of Karen McFarland

    Dr. McFarland is a winner of the Rare Disease Science Challenge. Learn more.

  • February 2013-Addgene February Technology Transfer Newsletter

    The 2nd edition of Addgene's Technology Transfer Newsletter is now available. Topics include Addgene's new tech transfer online resources, Addgene at AUTM 2013, and more. See the February Tech Transfer Newsletter.

  • January 2013-Addgene Appoints New Members to its Board of Directors

    Addgene announces the appointment of Joanna Brownstein MBA, MSW and Kristin Darby CPA, MBA to its BOD. Read the press release.

  • December 2012-Addgene December Newsletter

    Hot Plasmids and Articles, New Stem Cell Plasmid Guide, and more. See Addgene's Holiday Newsletter.

  • October 2012-Addgene sponsors Rare Disease Challenge

    Addgene is donating plasmids to accelerate rare disease research. Learn more

  • October 2012-Addgene shipped its 250,000th plasmid on October 16th!

    Thank you to all of the labs who have deposited and requested plasmids from Addgene. Your support is what makes this resource possible.

  • October 2012-Addgene October Technology Transfer Newsletter

    Addgene launches its Technology Transfer Newsletter. Topics include Addgene's electronic MTA system, the new industry distribution program, and more. See the October Tech Transfer Newsletter.

  • October 2012-Three of the Nobel Prize Winners in 2012 are Addgene Depositors

    Dr. Shinya Yamanaka and Dr. John Gurdon were awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine and Dr. Robert Lefkowitz (who shared the prize with Dr. Brian Kobilka) was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry. View plasmids from the Yamanaka Lab, Gurdon Lab, and Lefkowitz Lab.

  • October 2012-Addgene announces collaboration with MJFF

    Addgene is working with the Michael J. Fox Foundation to build a Parkinson's Disease (PD) plasmid resource. See the PD page.

  • October 2012-Limited Portion of Addgene's Collection Now Available to Industry

    The MJFF collection is now available to scientists from industrial labs. See the Industry page.

  • September 2012-Addgene September Newsletter

    The launch of Addgene's Plasmid Guide, Hot Articles, and more. See the Addgene Back to School Newsletter.

  • September 2012 - Addgene Featured in The Scientist

    The Scientist ran a story about biological repositories and scientific sharing. Read the full article.

    August 2012 - Addgene's Executive Director Interviewed on Mendelspod

    Listen to the podcast, where Joanne Kamens talks about Addgene, sharing, and work-life balance.

    July 2012 - Addgene announced as finalist for Mass TLC award!

    Our e-MTA system was selected in the "Best Use of Technology" category. Learn more.

  • June 2012-Addgene June Newsletter

    "Hot Plasmids," Geek Travel Destinations and launch of the new Addgene Ambassador program. See the Addgene Summer Newsletter.

  • April 2012-Nature Biotechnology Article.

    Addgene's sharing model is highlighted in April's issue of NBT.

  • March 2012-Addgene March Newsletter

    Check out our new collections, learn about lentiviral plasmids, and enter our mascot naming contest. Read our March Newsletter!

  • February 2012-Addgene Featured in LabTimes.

    Addgene's Executive Director Joanne Kamens explains how Addgene can help scientists store, archive, and distribute their plasmid collections in this month'sLab Times.

  • January 2012-New TALE Toolbox Collection

    The Zhang Labat the Broad Institute has deposited their new TAL effector toolkit with Addgene.

  • December 2011-Addgene December Newsletter

    TALes, hot new plasmids, and a science-inspired holiday gift guide. Check out our December Newsletter!

  • October 2011-Bruce Beutler Awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine

    Bruce A. Beutler, an Addgene depositor, was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2011. Learn more about his contribution to the research community. Click here

  • September 2011-Addgene September 2011 Newsletter

    Addgene has released its first newsletter, which includes articles on creating your perfect MCS, important plasmids that have been added to our collection, an interview with the creators of the CCSB-Broad Kinase library, and a discount code for a future Addgene purchase! Click here

  • September 2011-Addgene Pleased to See Partner Company LabLife Find a New Home

    LabLife, an independent company initially supported by Addgene, has been acquired by Biodata. Click here

  • August 2011-Addgene Appoints Joanne Kamens as Executive Director

    Joanne will be working to advance Addgene’s mission of scientific sharing, expand its contributors, and enhance Addgene’s impact on the research community. Click here

  • July 2011-Launch of Addgene 2.0

    Welcome to our new online digs. We are excited to launch our new site, including new features and improved functionality. Check out our improved analyze sequence, our more in-depth browse, and our fab new homepage.

  • May 2011-Addgene Helps Distribute Cellecta’s DECIPHER shRNA Libraries to the Academic Community

    Addgene has obtained five pooled shRNA libraries for distribution to the academic community. For more information about these libraries see or

    Download the Press Release (5/17/11)

  • April 2011-Lentiviruses 101: Plasmids and Viral Production

    Addgene has put together a webinar on lentiviral plasmids and how to use them in the lab. For information about lentiviral plasmids at Addgene, try our lentiviral resource page.

  • January 2011-Addgene Rewards Plasmid Pioneers.

    Addgene’s Challenge Award winners announced. The award recognizes laboratories using plasmids from Addgene’s collection in creative ways to advance their research.

    Download the Press Release (1/31/11)