The 5'-7-methylguanosine cap on eukaryotic mRNAs serves both to stimulate canonical translation initiation and to block an alternative pathway.

Mitchell SF, Walker SE, Algire MA, Park EH, Hinnebusch AG, Lorsch JR

Mol Cell. 2010 Sep 24;39(6):950-62. PubMed Journal

ID Plasmid
37223 pUC19-RPL41A Add to Cart
37224 pUC19-DAD4 Add to Cart
37225 pTYB1-eIF4A Add to Cart
37226 pTYB2-eIF4B Add to Cart
37227 pTYB2-eIF4B-A130C Add to Cart
37228 pET15b-eIF4E Add to Cart
37229 pET15b-eIF4E-S200C Add to Cart
37230 pET21c-eIF4A Add to Cart
37231 pGEX4T1-GST-eIF4G1-His6 Add to Cart
37232 pET-DUET-GST-eIF4G1-His6, eIF4E Add to Cart
37233 pTYB2-HCR1 Add to Cart