dRCME Plasmid Kit

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This set of plasmids is described in

Dual RMCE for efficient re-engineering of mouse mutant alleles. Osterwalder M, Galli A, Rosen B, Skarnes WC, Zeller R, Lopez-Rios J. Nat Methods. 2010 Oct 17. PubMed 20953177.

For protocol on how to use these plasmids, see Next generation engineering of conditional mouse alleles with loxP and FRT sites by dual RMCE Nat Protocol Exchange. Dec 2010.

This set of plasmids consists of:

pDIRE, pDRAV-1, pDRAV-2, pDRAV-3, pDRAV-4, pDREV-0, pDREV-1, pDREV-2.

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