Zinc Finger Consortium: OPEN Reagents

The Oligomerized Pool ENgineering (OPEN) method has been used to engineer ZFNs that function in zebrafish, plants, and human cells (Maeder et al., Mol Cell 2008, Foley & Yeh et al., PLoS ONE 2009, Townsend et al., Nature 2009, Zou et al., Cell Stem Cell 2009).

Use of the OPEN method requires OPEN pools (available by request from the Joung lab) and the following reagents (listed below and available individually or as an “OPEN Accessory Reagent Set”). These reagents are also valuable research tools for using the bacterial two-hybrid system originally described by Hochschild and colleagues (Dove et al., Nature 1997) and later modified by Pabo and colleagues (Joung et al., PNAS 2000). A detailed protocol for practicing OPEN is available in Nature Protocols (Maeder et al., Nat Protocols 2009).



Purchase the Zinc Finger Consortium: OPEN Reagents kit (cat#1000000013)

The entire set is $400 plus shipping and handling, and will be shipped as bacterial stabs at room temperature. Individual plasmids can be ordered for $65 per plasmid, and will be shipped as bacterial stabs as well.