WW domain-containing protein YAP associates with ErbB-4 and acts as a co-transcriptional activator for the carboxyl-terminal fragment of ErbB-4 that translocates to the nucleus.

Komuro A, Nagai M, Navin NE, Sudol M

J Biol Chem. 2003 Aug 29. 278(35):33334-41. PubMed Journal

ID Plasmid
17790 p2xFLAGhYAP1-S127A Add to Cart
17791 p2xFLAGhYAP1 Add to Cart
17792 p2xFLAGhYAP1-WW mutant Add to Cart
17793 p2xFLAGhYAP2 Add to Cart
17794 p2xFLAGhYAP2-S127A Add to Cart
17795 p2xFLAGhYAP2-WW1-mutant Add to Cart
17796 p2xFLAGhYAP2-WW2-mutant Add to Cart
17797 pM-ErbB4CTF Add to Cart
17798 pM-ErbB4CTF-PY1 mutant Add to Cart
17799 pM-ErbB4CTF-PY3 mutant Add to Cart
17800 pM-ErbB4-delta-kinase Add to Cart
17801 pM-ErbB4-delta-kinase-PY1 mutant Add to Cart
17802 pM-ErbB4-delta-kinase-PY3 mutant Add to Cart
17803 pcDNA3HA-ErbB4CTF Add to Cart