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A chemogenetic platform for controlling plasma membrane signaling and synthetic signal oscillation.
Suzuki S, Nakamura A, Hatano Y, Yoshikawa M, Yoshii T, Sawada S, Atsuta-Tsunoda K, Aoki K, Tsukiji S
Cell Chem Biol. 2022 Sep 15;29(9):1446-1464.e10. doi: 10.1016/j.chembiol.2022.06.005. Epub 2022 Jul 13.
PubMed Article

Plasmids from Article

ID Plasmid Purpose
172100pCMV-EGFP-eDHFR(69K6)-MCSMammalian expression of a protein of interest fused to the C-terminus of EGFP-eDHFR(69K6)
172101pCMV-MCS-eDHFR(69K6)-EGFPMammalian expression of a protein of interest fused to the N-terminus of eDHFR(69K6)-EGFP
172102pPBpuro-mNG-eDHFR(69K6)-Tiam1Mammalian expression of Tiam1(DH-PH) fused to mNeonGreen-eDHFR(69K6)
172103pPBpuro-mNG-eDHFR(69K6)-p85iSH2Mammalian expression of p85iSH2 fused to mNeonGreen-eDHFR(69K6)
172104pCSIIpuro-mNG-eDHFR(69K6)-RasGEFMammalian expression of RasGRF1(Cdc25) fused to mNeonGreen-eDHFR(69K6)
172105pPBpuro-miRFP670-eDHFR(69K6)-G-alpha-sMammalian expression of Gαs fused to miRFP670-eDHFR(69K6)
172106pCAGGS-mNG-eDHFR(69K6)-G-alpha-qMammalian expression of Gαq fused to mNeonGreen-eDHFR(69K6)
172107pPBpuro-cRaf-mNG-eDHFR(69K6)Mammalian expression of cRaf fused to mNeonGreen-eDHFR(69K6)
178849pPBpuro-EGFP-eDHFR(69K6)-cRafMammalian expression of cRaf fused to EGFP-eDHFR(69K6)
178850pPBpuro-EGFP-eDHFR(69K6)Mammalian expression of EGFP-eDHFR(69K6)
178851pCAGGS-mNG-eDHFR(69K6)-G-alpha-q(L254A)Mammalian expression of Gαq(L254A) fused to mNeonGreen-eDHFR(69K6)
178852pCSIIpuro-miRFP670-eDHFR(69K6)Mammalian expression of miRFP670-eDHFR(69K6)
178853pCSIIpuro-mNG-eDHFR(69K6)Mammalian expression of mNeonGreen-eDHFR(69K6)
178854pCAGGS-chGrb2/eDHFR(69K6)-iRFP713Mammalian expression of Grb2-eDHFR(69K6) chimera fused to iRFP713
178855pCAGGS-eDHFR(69K6)-iRFP713Mammalian expression of eDHFR(69K6)-iRFP713
178856pCAGGS-PKCdelta-EGFPMammalian expression of PKCδ fused to EGFP
178857pCAGGS-chPKCdelta/eDHFR(69K6)-EGFPMammalian expression of PKCδ-eDHFR(69K6) chimera fused to EGFP
178858pCAGGS-chPKCdelta/eDHFR(69K6)-miRFP670Mammalian expression of PKCδ-eDHFR(69K6) chimera fused to miRFP670
178859pCMV-miRFP670-eDHFR(69K6)Mammalian expression of miRFP670-eDHFR(69K6)
178860pCAGGS-EGFP-SOS1Mammalian expression of SOS1 fused to EGFP

Antibodies from Article