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Comprehensive split TEV based protein-protein interaction screening reveals TAOK2 as a key modulator of Hippo signalling to limit growth.

Ma X, Mandausch FJ, Wu Y, Sahoo VK, Ma W, Leoni G, Hostiuc M, Wintgens JP, Qiu J, Kannaiyan N, Rossner MJ, Wehr MC
Cell Signal. 2024 Jan;113:110917. doi: 10.1016/j.cellsig.2023.110917. Epub 2023 Oct 7. (Link opens in a new window) PubMed (Link opens in a new window) Article

Plasmids from Article

ID Plasmid Purpose
172979pINDUCER21-puro_TAOK2doxycycline-inducible expression of TAOK2
172980pINDUCER21-puro_TAOK2-D151Adoxycycline-inducible expression of kinase-dead TAOK2
172981pINDUCER21-puro_Gateway-3xFLAGGateway Destination vector for doxycycline-inducible expression of ORF
172982pLV_hU6-sgRNA_hUbC-dCas9-ZIM3-KRAB-T2a-PuroRcontrol & cloning vector for CRISPRi expressing dead Cas9-ZIM3-KRAB fusion
172983pLV_dCas9-ZIM3-KRAB_sgTAOK2i_#1CRISPRi for TAOK2
172984pLV_dCas9-ZIM3-KRAB_sgTAOK2i_#2CRISPRi for TAOK2
172985pLV_dCas9-ZIM3-KRAB_sgTAOK2i_#3CRISPRi for TAOK2
172986pCMV7.1_3xFLAG-LATS1constitutive expression of FLAG-tagged LATS1
172987pCMV7.1_3xFLAG-LATS2constitutive expression of FLAG-tagged LATS2
172988pCMV7.1_3xFLAG-MOB1Aconstitutive expression of FLAG-tagged MOB1A
172989pCMV7.1_3xFLAG-STK4constitutive expression of FLAG-tagged STK4
172990pCMV7.1_3xFLAG-STK3constitutive expression of FLAG-tagged STK3
172991pCMV7.1_3xFLAG-TAOK1constitutive expression of FLAG-tagged TAOK1
172992pCMV7.1_3xFLAG-TAOK2constitutive expression of FLAG-tagged TAOK2
172993pCMV7.1_3xFLAG-TAOK3constitutive expression of FLAG-tagged TAOK3
172994pCMV7.1_3xFLAG-WWC1constitutive expression of FLAG-tagged WWC1
172995pCMV7.1_3xFLAG-WWC2constitutive expression of FLAG-tagged WWC2
172996pCMV7.1_3xFLAG-WWC3constitutive expression of FLAG-tagged WWC3
172997pcDNA3.1_nV5-AMOT (p130)constitutive expression of V5-tagged AMOT (p130)
172998pcDNA3.1_nV5-AMOTL1constitutive expression of V5-tagged AMOTL1
172999pcDNA3.1_nV5-AMOTL2constitutive expression of V5-tagged AMOTL2
173000pcDNA3.1_nV5-TAOK2constitutive expression of V5-tagged TAOK2
173001pcDNA3.1_FLAG-YAP1constitutive expression of FLAG-tagged YAP1
173002pLenti6_YAP1-V5constitutive expression of V5-tagged YAP1
173003pAAV_18xTEAD_luc2firefly luciferase reporter vector with 18x clustered TEAD binding sites
173004pAAV_12xTEAD_luc2firefly luciferase reporter vector with 12x clustered TEAD binding sites
173005pAAV_8xTEAD_luc2firefly luciferase reporter vector with 8x clustered TEAD binding sites
173006p10xUAS-luc2firefly luciferase reporter vector with 10x clustered UAS binding sites
209771pLV_dCas9-KRAB_sgSTK3i_#1 (PuroR)CRISPRi for STK3
209772pLV_dCas9-KRAB_sgSTK3i_#2 (PuroR)CRISPRi for STK3
209773pLV_dCas9-KRAB_sgSTK4i_#1 (PuroR)CRISPRi for STK4
209774pLV_dCas9-KRAB_sgSTK4i_#2 (PuroR)CRISPRi for STK4
209775pLV-NeoR_dCas9-Sniper-KRAB_sgSTK3i_#2 (NeoR)CRISPRi for STK3
209776pLenti7-3_EF1ap-mRuby2_hU6p_sgSTK4i_#1 (BlasR)CRISPRi for STK4
209777pINDUCER21-puro_TAOK1doxycycline-inducible expression of TAOK1
209778pINDUCER21-puro_TAOK3doxycycline-inducible expression of TAOK3

Antibodies from Article