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Tuning Plant Promoters Using a Simple Split Luciferase Method to Assess Transcription Factor-DNA Interactions.
Cai YM, Witham S, Patron NJ
ACS Synth Biol. 2023 Nov 17;12(11):3482-3486. doi: 10.1021/acssynbio.3c00094. Epub 2023 Oct 19.
PubMed Article

Plasmids from Article

ID Plasmid Purpose
196141pEPYCeGM0001Gateway entry vector with Arabidopsis TGA1 CDS and c-terminal HiBiT tag
196142pEPYCeGM0002Gateway entry vector with Arabidopsis TGA2 CDS and c-terminal HiBiT tag
196143pEPYCeGM0009Gateway entry vector with Arabidopsis NLP6 CDS and c-terminal HiBiT tag
196144pEPYCeGM0010Gateway entry vector with Arabidopsis NLP7 CDS and c-terminal HiBiT tag
196145pEPYCeGM0011Gateway entry vector with Arabidopsis DREB26 CDS and c-terminal HiBiT tag
196146pEPYCeGM0012Gateway entry vector with Arabidopsis ANAC032 CDS and c-terminal HiBiT tag
196147pEPYCeGM0022Gateway entry vector with Arabidopsis ARF18 CDS and c-terminal HiBiT tag
196148pEPYCdKN0001Gateway destination vector for protein expression of 9xHis_AtTGA1_HiBit
196149pEPYCdKN0002Gateway destination vector for protein expression of 9xHis_AtTGA2_HiBit
196150pEPYCdKN0009Gateway destination vector for protein expression of 9xHis_AtNLP6_HiBit
196151pEPYCdKN0010Gateway destination vector for protein expression of 9xHis_AtNLP7_HiBit
196152pEPYCdKN0011Gateway destination vector for protein expression of 9xHis_AtDREB26_HiBit
196153pEPYCdKN0012Gateway destination vector for protein expression of 9xHis_AtNAC032_HiBit
196154pEPYCdKN0022Gateway destination vector for protein expression of 9xHis_AtARF18_HiBit
196155pEPYC0CM0515Phytobricks Level 0 part: MinSyn_301
196156pEPYC0CM0519Phytobricks Level 0 part: MinSyn_302
196157pEPYC0CM0520Phytobricks Level 0 part: MinSyn_303
196158pEPYC0CM0522Phytobricks Level 0 part: MinSyn_305
196159pEPYC0CM0513Phytobricks Level 0 part: MinSyn_308
196160pEPYC0CM0528Phytobricks Level 0 part: MinSyn_310
196161pEPYC0CM0529Phytobricks Level 0 part: MinSyn_311
196162pEPSW0CM0014Phytobricks Level 0 part: ANAC032 promoter 1kb upstream
196163pEPSW0CM0020Phytobricks Level 0 part: AtNLP6 promoter 1kb upstream
196164pEPSW0CM0018Phytobricks Level 0 part: AtARF18 promoter 1kb upstream
196165pEPSW0CM0350Phytobricks Level 0 part: AtTGA1_CDS
196166pEPYC1CB0597MoClo Level 1 luciferase reporter: MinSyn_301 reporter [MinSyn_301::TMV::LucF::flag::ocsT]
196167pEPYC1CB0601MoClo Level 1 luciferase reporter: MinSyn_302 reporter [MinSyn_302::TMV::LucF::flag::ocsT]
196168pEPYC1CB0602MoClo Level 1 luciferase reporter: MinSyn_303 reporter [MinSyn_303::TMV::LucF::flag::ocsT]
196169pEPYC1CB0604MoClo Level 1 luciferase reporter: MinSyn_305 reporter [MinSyn_305::TMV::LucF::flag::ocsT]
196170pEPYC1CB0595MoClo Level 1 luciferase reporter: MinSyn_308 reporter [MinSyn_308::TMV::LucF::flag::ocsT]
196171pEPYC1CB0607MoClo Level 1 luciferase reporter: MinSyn_310 reporter [MinSyn_308::TMV::LucF::flag::ocsT]
196172pEPYC1CB0608MoClo Level 1 luciferase reporter: MinSyn_311 reporter [MinSyn_308::TMV::LucF::flag::ocsT]
196173pEPSW1KN0351AtTGA1 expression cassette: CaMV35S::TMV::AtTGA1::35sT
196174pEPSW1KN0014MoClo Level 1 luciferase reporter: proANAC032::LucF::flag::notT
196175pEPSW1KN0020MoClo Level 1 luciferase reporter: proNLP6::LucN::flag::notT
196176pEPSW1KN0018MoClo Level 1 luciferase reporter: proARF18::LucN::flag::notT
196177pEPSW1KN0035MoClo Level 1 luciferase reporter: NOS::TMV::LucN::flag::nosT
196178pEPSW1KN0034MoClo Level 1 luciferase reporter: CaMV35S::TMV::LucF::flag::35sT
196179pEPOR1CB0068YFP expression cassette: CaMV35S::TMV::YFP::35sT
197517pEPSW0CM0022Phytobricks Level 0 part
197518pEPSW0CM0024Phytobricks Level 0 part
197519pEPSW0CM0025Phytobricks Level 0 part
197520pEPSW0CM0027Phytobricks Level 0 part
197521pEPSW0CM0029Phytobricks Level 0 part
197522pEPSW0CM0030Phytobricks Level 0 part
197523pEPSW0CM0031Phytobricks Level 0 part
197524pEPSW0CM0032Phytobricks Level 0 part
197526pEPSW0CM0112Phytobricks Level 0 part
197528pEPSW0CM0073Phytobricks Level 0 part
197529pEPSW0CM0074Phytobricks Level 0 part
197530pEPSW0CM0075Phytobricks Level 0 part
197531pEPSW0CM0076Phytobricks Level 0 part
197533pEPOZ0CM0138Phytobricks Level 0 part
197534pEPOZ0CM0139Phytobricks Level 0 part
197535pEPOZ0CM0137Phytobricks Level 0 part
197536pEPSW1KN0070MoClo Level 1 luciferase reporter
197537pEPSW1KN0016MoClo Level 1 luciferase reporter
197538pEPSW1KN0022MoClo Level 1 luciferase reporter
197539pEPSW1KN0024MoClo Level 1 luciferase reporter
197540pEPSW1KN0025MoClo Level 1 luciferase reporter
197541pEPSW1KN0027Level 1 gene expression cassette
197542pEPSW1KN0029Level 1 gene expression cassette
197543pEPSW1KN0030Level 1 gene expression cassette
197544pEPSW1KN0031Level 1 gene expression cassette
197545pEPSW1KN0032Level 1 gene expression cassette
197547pEPSW1KN0113Level 1 gene expression cassette
197549pEPOZ1KN0142Level 1 gene expression cassette
197550pEPOZ1KN0143Level 1 gene expression cassette
197551pEPOZ1KN0144Level 1 gene expression cassette
197552pEPOZ1KN0145Level 1 gene expression cassette
197554pEPOZ1KN0147Level 1 gene expression cassette
197555pEPOZ1KN0148Level 1 gene expression cassette

Antibodies from Article