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Cell type-specific delivery by modular envelope design.
Strebinger D, Frangieh CJ, Friedrich MJ, Faure G, Macrae RK, Zhang F
Nat Commun. 2023 Aug 23;14(1):5141. doi: 10.1038/s41467-023-40788-8.
PubMed Article

Plasmids from Article

ID Plasmid Purpose
207252MMLVgag-3NES-CreGeneration of CreVLPs when used in conjunction with MMLV gag-pol during production
207253pBS-EF1afull-H2B-mCherry-P2A-FlucLentiviral transfer genome encoding H2B-mCherry-P2A-Fluc driven by a full-length EF1a promoter
207254pHCMV_ABLV_GMammalian expression of Australian bat lyssavirus G protein
207255pHCMV_BlessMammalian expression of Baboon Endogenous Retrovirus env protein
207256pHCMV_BoDV1_GMammalian expression of Borna disease virus 1 G protein
207257pHCMV_BoDV2_GMammalian expression of Borna disease virus 2 G protein
207258pHCMV_BRV_GPMammalian expression of Blue River virus GP protein
207259pHCMV_CCFH_GPMammalian expression of Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever virus GP protein
207260pHCMV_CHHF_GPCMammalian expression of Chapare hemorrhagic fever virus GPC protein
207261pHCMV_CHIKV_E1E2Mammalian expression of Chikungunya virus E1E2 protein
207262pHCMV_COCVmut_GMammalian expression of a mutant Cocal virus G protein
207263pHCMV_DENV1_PrMEMammalian expression of Dengue virus 1 PrME protein
207264pHCMV_DENV2_PrMEMammalian expression of Dengue virus 2 PrME protein
207265pHCMV_DENV3_PrMEMammalian expression of Dengue virus 3 PrME protein
207266pHCMV_DENV4_PrMEMammalian expression of Dengue virus 4 PrME protein
207267pHCMV_DHOV_GPMammalian expression of Dhori virus GP protein
207268pHCMV_DUGV_GPMammalian expression of Dugbe virus GP protein
207269pHCMV_DUVV_GMammalian expression of Duvenhage virus G protein
207270pHCMV_EBLV-1_GMammalian expression of European bat lyssavirus G protein
207271pHCMV_EBOV_GPMammalian expression of Ebola virus GP protein
207272pHCMV_EEE_E1E2Mammalian expression of Eastern equine encephalitis virus E1E2 protein
207273pHCMV_FLUAV_HAMammalian expression of Influenza A virus HA protein
207274pHCMV_FLUBV_HAMammalian expression of Influenza B virus HA protein
207275pHCMV_FLUCV_HEMammalian expression of Influenza C virus HE protein
207276pHCMV_GP64Mammalian expression of baculovirus GP64 protein
207277pHCMV_GTOV_GPCMammalian expression of Guanarito virus GPC protein
207278pHCMV_HCV_E1Mammalian expression of Hepatitis C virus E1 protein
207279pHCMV_HCV_E1E2Mammalian expression of Hepatitis C virus E1E2 protein
207280pHCMV_HCV_E2Mammalian expression of Hepatitis C virus E2 protein
207281pHCMV_HTNV_GPMammalian expression of Hantaan virus GP protein
207282pHCMV_ISFV_GMammalian expression of Isfahan virus G protein
207283pHCMV_JEV_prMEMammalian expression of Japanese encephalitis virus PrME protein
207284pHCMV_JUNV_GPCMammalian expression of Junin virus GPC protein
207285pHCMV_KUNV_PrMEMammalian expression of Kunjin virus PrME protein
207286pHCMV_LACV_GPMammalian expression of La Crosse virus GP protein
207287pHCMV_LASV_GPCMammalian expression of Lassa virus GPC protein
207288pHCMV_LCMV_GPCMammalian expression of Lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus GPC protein
207289pHCMV_LIV_PrMEMammalian expression of Louping ill virus PrME protein
207290pHCMV_LUHF_GPCMammalian expression of Lujo virus GPC protein
207291pHCMV_MACV_GPCMammalian expression of Machupo virus GPC protein
207292pHCMV_MARV_GPMammalian expression of Lake victoria Marburgvirus GP protein
207293pHCMV_MERS-CoV_SMammalian expression of MERS coronavirus S protein
207294pHCMV_MOKV_GMammalian expression of Mokola virus G protein
207295pHCMV_MVEV_PrMEMammalian expression of Murray valley encephalitis virus PrME protein
207296pHCMV_ONNV_E1E2Mammalian expression of Onyong-nyong virus E1E2 protein
207297pHCMV_OROV_GPMammalian expression of Oropouche virus GP protein
207298pHCMV_PICV_GPCMammalian expression of Pichinde virus GPC protein
207299pHCMV_POWV_PrMEMammalian expression of Tick-borne powassan virus PrME protein
207300pHCMV_PTV_GPMammalian expression of Punta toro phlebovirus GP protein
207301pHCMV_PUUV_GPMammalian expression of Puumala virus GP protein
207302pHCMV_QRFV_HypMammalian expression of Quaranfil quaranjavirus Hypothetical protein
207303pHCMV_RV_GMammalian expression of Rabies virus G protein
207304pHCMV_RVFV_GPMammalian expression of Rift valley fever virus GP protein
207305pHCMV_SABV_GPCMammalian expression of Sabia virus GPC protein
207306pHCMV_SARS-CoV_SMammalian expression of Human SARS coronavirus S protein
207307pHCMV_SARS-CoV-2_Sdel18Mammalian expression of SARS2 coronavirus S protein
207308pHCMV_SFV_E1E2Mammalian expression of Semliki Forest virus E1E2 protein
207309pHCMV_SLEV_PrMEMammalian expression of St. Louis encephalitis virus PrME protein
207310pHCMV_TBEV_PrMEMammalian expression of Tick-borne encephalitis virus PrME protein
207311pHCMV_VSAV_GMammalian expression of Vesicular Stomatitis Arizona virus G protein
207312pHCMV_VSBV_GMammalian expression of Variegated Squirrel Bornavirus G protein
207313pHCMV_WNV_PrMEMammalian expression of West Nile Virus PrME protein
207314pHCMV_WWAV_GPCMammalian expression of Whitewater Arroyo virus GPC protein
207315pHCMV_YFV_PrMEMammalian expression of Yellow fever virus PrME protein
207316pHCMV_ZIKV_PrMEMammalian expression of Zika virus PrME protein
207317pHCMV-VSVgSS-15F11-TMFunctional incorporation of 15F11 scFv (anti-HA) into envelope of virions
207318pHCMV-VSVgSS-pAG-TMFunctional incorporation of protein AG (pAG) fusion protein into envelope of virions
207319pHCMV-VSVgSS-SNAP-TMFunctional incorporation of SNAP-tag into envelope of virions
207320pHCMV-VSVgSS-TMAllows cloning of protein coding sequences to be incorportated into envelope of virions
207321pLVX-surfaceHA-IRES-PuroLentiviral expression of synthetic HA surface receptor in Mammalian cells
207322pMD2.G-H8A/K47QVSV-G mutant with abolished receptor binding, but maintained fusogenic capacity
207323pMD2.G-K47Q/R354QVSV-G mutant with abolished receptor binding, but maintained fusogenic capacity
207324pHCMV_VSVgSS-diCR2Expression of secreted diCR2-10his competitor protein which can inhibit VSV-G mediated infection
207325pHCMV_ALV_EnvExpression of env polyprotein from Avian leukosis virus (ALV)
207326pHCMV_EIAV_EnvExpression of env polyprotein from equine infectious anaemia (EIAV)

Antibodies from Article