Stable binding to E2F is not required for the retinoblastoma protein to activate transcription, promote differentiation, and suppress tumor cell growth.

Sellers WR, Novitch BG, Miyake S, Heith A, Otterson GA, Kaye FJ, Lassar AB, Kaelin WG

Genes Dev. 1998 Jan 1. 12(1):95-106. PubMed Journal

ID Plasmid
10720 413 pSG5L HA RB Add to Cart
10721 416 pSG5L HA RB del22 Add to Cart
10725 432 pSG5L HA RB 567L Add to Cart
10726 496 pSG5L HA RB del651 (NAAIRS) Add to Cart
10728 498 pSG5L HA RB del663 (NAAIRS) Add to Cart
10729 500 pSG5L HA RB del685 (NAAIRS) Add to Cart
10730 608 pSG5L HA RB del ex4 Add to Cart
10731 584 pSG5L HA RB 661W Add to Cart
10734 409 pSG5L HA RB (379-928) Add to Cart
10736 408 pSG5L HA E2F1 Add to Cart