Tagging muscle cell lineages in development and tail regeneration using Cre recombinase in transgenic Xenopus.

Ryffel GU, Werdien D, Turan G, Gerhards A, Goosses S, Senkel S

Nucleic Acids Res. 2003 Apr 15. 31(8):e44. PubMed Journal

ID Plasmid
31304 LCMV:ECFP(loxP)(FRT)EYFP Add to Cart
31306 LCMV:ECFP(loxP)EYFP Add to Cart
31307 LCMV:ECFP(FRT)EYFP Add to Cart
31308 pCSCre2 Add to Cart
31309 pCARCre Add to Cart