GABA transporter function, oligomerization state, and anchoring: correlates with subcellularly resolved FRET.

Moss FJ, Imoukhuede PI, Scott K, Hu J, Jankowsky JL, Quick MW, Lester HA

J Gen Physiol. 2009 Dec;134(6):489-521. PubMed Journal

ID Plasmid
41663 pcDNA3.1(+)mGAT1-0-YFP Add to Cart
41665 pcDNA3.1(+)mGAT1YFP* Add to Cart
41666 pcDNA3.1(+)mGAT1CFP* Add to Cart
41667 pcDNA3.1(+)mGAT1YFP3 Add to Cart
41669 pcDNA3.1(+)mGAT1YFP8 Add to Cart
41670 pcDNA3.1(+)mGAT1CFP8 Add to Cart
41671 pcDNA3.1(+)mGAT1YFP20 Add to Cart
41673 pcDNA3.1(+)mGAT1YFP28 Add to Cart
41675 pcDNA3.1(+)mGAT1YFP45 Add to Cart
41676 pcDNA3.1(+)mGAT1CFP45 Add to Cart