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Plasmid: pJS133

Source/Vendor: ATCC
Analyze: Sequence
Plasmid Type: Unspecified
Clone Method: Unknown
Size: 3456
Created by Moore, July 1995, under contract with NCBI. Plasmid with a promoterless CAT (chloramphenicol acetyltransferase) cassette that can be excised for use in genetic constructions. CAT expression reflects transcriptional activity only;translation stops in all 3 reading frames. There is an EcoRI site within the CAT gene. Restriction digests of the clone give the following sizes (kb): XbaI--3.5; HindIII--2.75, 0.75. (ATCC staff) Medium is 1227 LB plus ampicillin. Hosts: E.coli DH5alpha, E.coli, E.coli DH1. Related vectors: pKK232-8, pUC19, pUC18. (Information source: VectorDB ( http://seq.yeastgenome.org/vectordb ).)
Catalog Number: 37617
Stable: Unspecified
Constitutive: Unspecified
Viral/Non-Viral: Unspecified

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