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pcDNA3-Flag mTOR wt Citations (13)

Plasmid Article: The FKBP12-rapamycin-binding domain is required for FKBP12-rapamycin-associated protein kinase activity and G1 progression.
Vilella-Bach M, Nuzzi P, Fang Y, Chen J J Biol Chem. 1999 Feb 12. 274(7):4266-72.
PubMed Journal

Articles Citing pcDNA3-Flag mTOR wt

Coordinated targeting of the EGFR signaling axis by microRNA-27a*. Wu X, Bhayani MK, Dodge CT, Nicoloso MS, Chen Y, Yan X, Adachi M, Thomas L, Galer CE, Jiffar T, Pickering CR, Kupferman ME, Myers JN, Calin GA, Lai SY. Oncotarget. 2013 Sep;4(9):1388-98. PubMed
Convergent regulation of the lysosomal two-pore channel-2 by Mg(2)(+), NAADP, PI(3,5)P(2) and multiple protein kinases. Jha A, Ahuja M, Patel S, Brailoiu E, Muallem S. EMBO J. 2014 Mar 3;33(5):501-11. doi: 10.1002/embj.201387035. Epub 2014 Feb 5. PubMed
A diverse array of cancer-associated MTOR mutations are hyperactivating and can predict rapamycin sensitivity. Grabiner BC, Nardi V, Birsoy K, Possemato R, Shen K, Sinha S, Jordan A, Beck AH, Sabatini DM. Cancer Discov. 2014 May;4(5):554-63. doi: 10.1158/2159-8290.CD-13-0929. Epub 2014 Mar 14. PubMed

Associated Plasmids

ATG4B promotes colorectal cancer growth independent of autophagic flux. Liu PF, Leung CM, Chang YH, Cheng JS, Chen JJ, Weng CJ, Tsai KW, Hsu CJ, Liu YC, Hsu PC, Pan HW, Shu CW. Autophagy. 2014 Aug;10(8):1454-65. doi: 10.4161/auto.29556. Epub 2014 Jun 12. PubMed
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Annexin A1 Preferentially Predicts Poor Prognosis of Basal-Like Breast Cancer Patients by Activating mTOR-S6 Signaling. Bhardwaj A, Ganesan N, Tachibana K, Rajapakshe K, Albarracin CT, Gunaratne PH, Coarfa C, Bedrosian I. PLoS One. 2015 May 22;10(5):e0127678. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0127678. eCollection 2015. PubMed
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