The serine protease TMPRSS6 is required to sense iron deficiency.

Du X, She E, Gelbart T, Truksa J, Lee P, Xia Y, Khovananth K, Mudd S, Mann N, Moresco EM, Beutler E, Beutler B

Science. 2008 May 23. 320(5879):1088-92. PubMed Journal

ID Plasmid
18789 p3xFLAG-Tmprss6 Add to Cart
18790 p3xFLAG-Tmprss6(Mask) Add to Cart
18791 p3xFLAG-Tmprss6(S762A) Add to Cart
18792 pGFP-Tmprss6 (delN) Add to Cart
18793 pGFP-Tmprss6 (delC) Add to Cart