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Generation of chromosomal deletions in dicotyledonous plants employing a user-friendly genome editing toolkit.
Ordon J, Gantner J, Kemna J, Schwalgun L, Reschke M, Streubel J, Boch J, Stuttmann J
Plant J. 2016 Aug 31. doi: 10.1111/tpj.13319.
PubMed Article

Plasmids from Article

ID Plasmid Purpose
79440pDGE1recipient plasmid [multiplexing]; p35S:Cas9, nptII
79441pDGE2recipient plasmid [multiplexing]; p35S:Cas9, BASTA
79442pDGE3recipient plasmid [multiplexing]; pPcUbi:Cas9, nptII
79443pDGE4recipient plasmid [multiplexing]; pPcUbi:Cas9, BASTA
79444pDGE62recipient plasmid [single nuclease]; p35S:Cas9, nptII
79445pDGE63recipient plasmid [single nuclease]; p35S:Cas9, BASTA
79446pDGE64recipient plasmid [single nuclease]; pPcUbi:Cas9, nptII
79447pDGE65recipient plasmid [single nuclease]; pPcUbi:Cas9, BASTA
79448pDGE144recipient plasmid [multiplexing]; p35S:Cas9, FAST, BASTA
79449pDGE146recipient plasmid [multiplexing]; pPcUbi:Cas9, FAST, BASTA
79450pDGE148recipient plasmid [multiplexing]; pDD45:Cas9, FAST, BASTA
79451pDGE151recipient plasmid [multiplexing]; pICU2:Cas9, FAST, BASTA
79452pDGE160recipient plasmid [multiplexing]; p35S:Cas9, FAST, nptII
79453pDGE161recipient plasmid [multiplexing]; pPcUbi:Cas9, FAST, nptII
79454pDGE164recipient plasmid [multiplexing]; pDD45:Cas9, FAST, nptII
79455pDGE165recipient plasmid [multiplexing]; pICU2:Cas9, FAST, nptII
79456pDGE166recipient plasmid [multiplexing]; p35S:Cas9, FAST, Hygro
79457pDGE167recipient plasmid [multiplexing]; pPcUbi:Cas9, FAST, Hygro
79458pDGE168recipient plasmid [multiplexing]; pDD45:Cas9, FAST, Hygro
79459pDGE169recipient plasmid [multiplexing]; pICU2:Cas9, FAST, Hygro
79461pDGE5sgRNA shuttle vector; module 1
79462pDGE7sgRNA shuttle vector; module 2
79463pDGE8sgRNA shuttle vector; module 2E
79465pDGE9sgRNA shuttle vector; module 3
79466pDGE10sgRNA shuttle vector; module 4
79467pDGE11sgRNA shuttle vector; module 4E
79469pDGE12sgRNA shuttle vector; module 5
79471pDGE13sgRNA shuttle vector; module 6
79473pDGE14sgRNA shuttle vector; module 7
79474pDGE15sgRNA shuttle vector; module 8E
79476pDGE6sgRNA shuttle vector; module 1E
80578pDGE76recipient plasmid [multiplexing, nickase]; p35S:Cas9 D10A, nptII
80579pDGE77recipient plasmid [multiplexing, nickase]; p35S:Cas9 D10A, BASTA
80580pDGE78recipient plasmid [multiplexing, nickase]; pPcUbi:Cas9 D10A, nptII
80581pDGE79recipient plasmid [multiplexing, nickase]; pPcUbi:Cas9 D10A, BASTA
80582pJOG250recipient plasmid [multiplexing, activator]; p35S:Cas9 D10A/N863A-Hax3CT, nptII
80583pJOG251recipient plasmid [multiplexing, activator]; p35S:Cas9 D10A/N863A-Hax3CT, BASTA
80584pJOG252recipient plasmid [single activator]; p35S:Cas9 D10A/N863A-Hax3CT, nptII
80585pJOG253recipient plasmid [single activator]; p35S:Cas9 D10A/N863A-Hax3CT, BASTA
80586pJOG292empty vector (lacZ) for 2nd generation recipient assembly
80587pJOG294dummy module (ccdB) for 2nd generation recipient assembly

Antibodies from Article