RNA Transcripts, miRNA-sized Fragments, and Proteins Produced from D4Z4 Units: New Candidates for the Pathophysiology of Facioscapulohumeral Dystrophy.

Snider L, Asawachaicharn A, Tyler AE, Geng LN, Petek LM, Maves L, Miller DG, Lemmers RJ, Winokur ST, Tawil R, van der Maarel SM, Filippova GN, Tapscott SJ

Hum Mol Genet. 2009 Apr 9. ():. PubMed Journal

ID Plasmid
21156 pCS2-mkgDUX4 Add to Cart
21172 pCS2-mkgDUX4mal* Add to Cart
21173 pCS2-mkgDUX4mal*leu* Add to Cart
21174 pCS2-mkgDUX4mal*mqg* Add to Cart
21175 pCS2-mkgDUX4mqg* Add to Cart
21176 pCS2-mqgDUX4 Add to Cart
21177 pCS2-mqgDUX4mqg* Add to Cart
21293 pRF+275Dux4 Add to Cart
21625 pRF+423Dux4 Add to Cart