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Opto-RhoGEFs, an optimized optogenetic toolbox to reversibly control Rho GTPase activity on a global to subcellular scale, enabling precise control over vascular endothelial barrier strength.

Mahlandt EK, Palacios Martinez S, Arts JJG, Tol S, van Buul JD, Goedhart J
Elife. 2023 Jul 14;12:RP84364. doi: 10.7554/eLife.84364. (Link opens in a new window) PubMed (Link opens in a new window) Article

Plasmids from Article

ID Plasmid Purpose
176102iSH-iRFP670-sspBHeterodimerization with iLID, phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase derived iSH
176103SspB-mCherry-DHPH-ITSN1Heterodimerization with iLID, Cdc42 activation
176104SspB-mCherry-DHPH-TIAM1Heterodimerization with iLID, Rac1 activation
176108HaloTag-3xrGBDVisualization of active Rho
176112SSpB-mCherry-p63DHHeterodimerization with iLID, RhoA activation
176113SspB-HaloTag-DHPH-ITSN1Heterodimerization with iLID, Cdc42 activation
176114SspB-HaloTag-DHPH-TIAM1Heterodimerization with iLID, Rac1 activation
176116SSpB-HaloTag-p63DHHeterodimerization with iLID, RhoA activation
176117SspB-iRFP-DHPH-ITSN1Heterodimerization with iLID, Cdc42 activation
176118SspB-iRFP-DHPH-TIAM1Heterodimerization with iLID, Rac1 activation
176120SSpB-iRFP-p63DHHeterodimerization with iLID, RhoA activation
176125Lck-mTurquoise2-iLIDPlasma membrane localized iLID
176127pLV-SspB-HaloTag-TIAM1-DHPHHeterodimerization with iLID, Rac1 activation
176128pLV-SspB-HaloTag-ITSN1-DHPHHeterodimerization with iLID, Cdc42 activation
176129pLV-SspB-HaloTag-p63DHHeterodimerization with iLID, RhoA activation
176130pLV-Lck-FRB-mTurquoise2Plasma membrane localized FRB, rapamycin heterodimerization
176134pEntr1a-SspB-HaloTag-TIAM1-DHPHHeterodimerization with iLID, Rac1 activation
176135pEntr1a-mcherry-FKBP-TIAM1(DHPH)Heterodimerization with FRB (rapamycin), Rac1 activation
176138pLV-mCherry-FKBP-TIAM1(DHPH)Heterodimerization with FRB (rapamycin), Rac1 activation

Antibodies from Article