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Larry Gerace Lab: Gerace lab plasmids

Plasmids from Article

ID Plasmid Purpose
120239pLV-EF1a-V5-Tmem128Expresses V5-tagged Tmem128 in lentiviral vector
120242pLV-EF1a-V5-Ccdc167Expresses V5-tagged Ccdc167 in lentiviral vector
120243pLV-EF1a-V5-Bet1Expresses V5-tagged Bet1 in lentiviral vector
175106pLV Cbx1-V5Lentiviral expression of mouse Cbx1-V5
175108pLV V5-lamin B1Lentiviral expression of V5-tagged mouse Lmnb1
175109pLV V5-lamin B2Lentiviral expression of V5-tagged mouse Lmnb2
175113pLV V5-Sun1Lentiviral expression of V5-tagged mouse Sun1
175114pLV V5-Sun2Lentiviral expression of V5-tagged mouse Sun2
175115pLV Ndc1-V5Lentiviral expression of mouse Ndc1-V5
175116pLV Nup62-V5Lentiviral expression of mouse Nup62-V5
175117pLV Nup88-V5Lentiviral expression of mouse Nup88-V5
175118pLV V5-Senp2Lentiviral expression of V5-tagged mouse Senp2
175121pLV Lnpk-V5Lentiviral expression of mouse Lnpk-V5
175122pLV H2afy-V5Lentiviral expression of mouse Macroh2a1-V5
175123pLV Erh-V5Lentiviral expression of mouse Erh-V5
175124pLV Rbmxl1-V5Lentiviral expression of mouse Rbmxl1-V5
175125pLV Cenpv-V5Lentiviral expression of mouse Cenpv-V5
175130pLV Rnf121-V5Lentiviral expression of mouse Rnf121-V5
175131pLV Tyw1-V5Lentiviral expression of mouse Tyw1-V5
175132pLV V5-Mospd1Lentiviral expression of V5-tagged mouse Mospd1
175133pLV Cnep1r1-V5Lentiviral expression of mouse Cnep1r1-V5
175134pLV Tor1a-MycLentiviral expression of Myc-tagged mouse Tor1a
175135pLV Tor1a-V5Lentiviral expression of Tor1a-Myc
175136pLV V5-Nesprin-3Lentiviral expression of V5-tagged mouse Syne3
175138pLV Tmx1-V5Lentiviral expression of V5-tagged mouse Tmx1
175152pLV Tmem9b-V5Lentiviral expression of mouse Tmem9b-V5
175158pLV V5-Eva1bLentiviral expression of V5-tagged mouse Eva1b
175159pLV Agpat2-V5Lentiviral expression of mouse Agpat2-V5
175167pLV CMV FST-FLAG Lentiviral expression of human FST-FLAG
175168pLV CMV FST-HA Lentiviral expression of human FST-HA
175170pLV CMV IGF1-FLAG Lentiviral expression of human Igf1-FLAG
175171pLV CDHblast OST-Myorg-V5 Lentiviral expression of mouse Myorg-V5
175172pLV CDHblast OST-Myorg(D462A)-V5Lentiviral expression of mouse Myorg-V5

Antibodies from Article