Role for PSF in mediating transcriptional activator-dependent stimulation of pre-mRNA processing in vivo.

Rosonina E, Ip JY, Calarco JA, Bakowski MA, Emili A, McCracken S, Tucker P, Ingles CJ, Blencowe BJ

Mol Cell Biol. 2005 Aug;25(15):6734-46. PubMed Journal

ID Plasmid
35183 Myc-PSF-WT Add to Cart
35184 Myc-PSFΔN Add to Cart
35185 Myc-PSFΔRGG Add to Cart
35187 Myc-PSFΔPQ Add to Cart
35267 Myc-PSFΔRRM1+2 Add to Cart
35376 Myc-PSFΔRRM1 Add to Cart
35377 Myc-PSFΔRRM2 Add to Cart
35378 Myc-PSFΔ+/- Add to Cart
35379 FLAG-p54 Add to Cart