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A modular plasmid assembly kit for multigene expression, gene silencing and silencing rescue in plants.
Binder A, Lambert J, Morbitzer R, Popp C, Ott T, Lahaye T, Parniske M
PLoS One. 2014 Feb 13;9(2):e88218. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0088218. eCollection 2014.
PubMed Article

Plasmids from Article

ID Plasmid Purpose
54338pUC57 (Gent)
54341LI dy A-B
54342LI dy B-C
54343LI dy C-D
54344LI dy D-E
54345LI dy F-G
54346LIIalpha F 1-2
54347LIIalpha R 1-2
54348LIIalpha F 2-3
54349LIIalpha R 2-3
54351LIIalpha R 3-4
54352LIIalpha F 4-5
54353LIIalpha R 4-5
54354LIIalpha F 5-6
54355LIIalpha R 5-6
54356LIIbeta F 1-2
54357LIIbeta R 1-2
54358LIIbeta F 2-3
54359LIIbeta R 2-3
54360LIIbeta F 3-4
54361LIIbeta R 3-4
54362LIIbeta F 4-5
54363LIIbeta R 4-5
54364LIIbeta F 5-6
54365LIIbeta R 5-6
54366LIIc F 1-2
54367LIIc R 1-2
54368LIIc F 2-3
54369LIIc F 3-4
54370LIIc R 3-4
54371LIIc F 4-5
54372LIIc F 5-6
54373LIIc R 5-6
54374LII dy 1-3
54375LII dy 2-3
54376LII dy 4-5
54377LII dy 4-6
54378LII dy 2-6
54379LII ins 2-3
54380LII ins 4-5
54381LIIIalpha fin
54382LIIIalpha F A-B
54383LIIIalpha R A-B
54384LIIIalpha F C-D
54385LIIIalpha R C-D
54386LIIIalpha F E-F
54387LIIIalpha R E-F
54388LIIIbeta fin
54389LIIIbeta F A-B
54390LIIIbeta R A-B
54391LIIIbeta F C-D
54392LIIIbeta R C-D
54393LIIIbeta F E-F
54394LIIIbeta R E-F
54399LII dy 1-2
54400LII dy 3-4
54401LII dy 5-6
54402LIIc F 1-2 RNAi
54403LIIbeta F 1-2 RNAi
54404LIIalpha F 1-2 RNAi
54405LI F-G neo c2
54406LI A-B 35S c2
54407LI E-F nos-T c2
54408LI A-B Ubi (+ intron) c4
54409LI A-C 35S c2
54410LI D-E GFP + linker c3
54411LI D-E YFP + linker c1
54412LI D-E T-Saph + linker c1
54413LI D-E Cerulean + linker c5
54414LI C-D GFP c1
54415LI C-D YFP c1
54416LI C-D T-Saphire c1
54417LI C-D Cerulean c1
54418LI C-D mCherry c1
54419LI C-D mOrange c3
54420LI D-E mCherry + link c1
54421LI D-E mOrange + link c2
54422LI B-C GFP
54423LI B-C YFP
54424LI B-C T-Saphire
54425LI B-C Cerulean
54426LI B-C mCherry
54427LI B-C mOrange
54428LI D-E C-NLS c2
54429LI D-E C-NES c1
54430LI D-E 11GFP
54431LI C-D 11GFP
54432LI E-F HSP-T
54433LI Intron c1
54434LI dy D-E
54435LI A-B EF1 c2
54436LI C-D GFP noATG
54437LI C-D YFP noATG
54438LI C-D T-Saphire noATG
54439LI C-D Cerulean noATG
54440LI C-D mCherry noATG
54441LI C-D mOrange noATG
54442LI E-F 35S term c1
54443LI B-C N-NLS KOZ c2
54444LI B-C N-NES KOZ a c1
54445LI B-C N-NES KOZ b c7
54446LI B-C 6xHIS
54447LI D-E 6xHIS
54448LI B-C HA
54449LI D-E HA
54450LI B-C c-myc
54451LI D-E c-myc
54452LI D-E 1-10GFP
54454LI C-D destab GFP c1
54456LI A-B pNOS c1
54457LI dy Esp3I-lacZ A-B
54458LI dy Esp3I-lacZ C-D
54459LI dy Esp3I-ccdB A-B
54460LI dy Esp3I-ccdB C-D
54461LI C-D 1-10GFP
54462LI C-D 1-10GFP noATG
54463LI F-G Hygro c1

Antibodies from Article