Construction and optimization of a family of genetically encoded metabolite sensors by semirational protein engineering.

Deuschle K, Okumoto S, Fehr M, Looger LL, Kozhukh L, Frommer WB

Protein Sci. 2005 Sep . 14(9):2304-14. PubMed Journal

ID Plasmid
13549 pRSET FLIPE intramol-1u Add to Cart
13550 pRSET FLIPE intramol-10u Add to Cart
13551 pRSET FLIPE intramol-1m Add to Cart
13559 pRSET FLIPglu-600uDelta13 Add to Cart
13560 pRSET FLIPglu-3.2mDelta13 Add to Cart
13561 pRSET FLIPglu-2uDelta13 Add to Cart
13562 pRSET FLIPglu-170nDelta13 Add to Cart
13563 pRSET FLII12Pglu-600u Add to Cart
13564 pRSET FLII282Pglu-4m Add to Cart
13565 pRSET FLII275Pglu-4.6m Add to Cart
13566 pRSET FLII32Pglu-2.2m Add to Cart